Is there a park that you’ve been dreaming to visit one day?

For me it’d be England’s Alton Towers. It’s a unique theme park located in the English countryside on the grounds of a massive Stately Home (American Translation: A Castle!). There’s also a huge garden and the park itself is beautifully landscaped and very green. The park’s foliage and rolling topography is reminiscent of my favorite theme park, Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Of course at Alton Towers, the Euro-theming wouldn’t be necessary because it’s legitimately in Europe.

It’s also neat when a park or the area it’s located incorporates another interest I have. For Alton it’d be history and theme parks. At Silver Dollar City I was excited to find out there was a cavern beneath the park and while visiting Six Flags Over Texas, I visited the Dallas Cowboys Stadium which I could easily see from atop Titan.

Aside from the atmosphere and extras, the park’s lineup is filled with a diverse and pretty special mix of rides like Smiler with its insanely twisted course, Galactica (formerly Air) a flying coaster that seems to be especially low to the ground, and the creepy Thirteen to name a few. And with the flaming wooden coaster (yes you read that right) Wickerman opening in 2019 I’ve got one more reason to call Alton my bucket list park.

Nemesis Roller Coaster at Alton Towers

My next top pick would be Germany’s Europa Park. It’d be a completely different experience with more rides and roller coasters of interest, but without the unique atmosphere of the English countryside with its historic backdrop spanning back more than 1000 years.

What’s Your Take?
Where would you go if you could go to any theme park in the World? Let us know.

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  1. Judy P in Pgh

    6 Flags Magic Mountain for me, just because of the number of coasters available. While in California, I would probably visit Knott’s Berry Farm. I visited that park at age 11 and do not remember much about it except that I had my fvery first flume ride. It would be fun to see if another visit would stir up any buried memories.

  2. Bobbie

    I’d really like to go to Fuj-i Q Highland for the amazing collection of coasters. Takabisha, the steepest coaster in the world, has been on my bucket list ever since I rode Cannibal at Lagoon. I went to Alton Towers last year and it was truly special, for its beauty, historical significance and eclectic coaster lineup. Ride operations and staff were also better than at most parks I’ve visited. As to the coaster lineup, it’s truly original and some of the coasters were groundbreakers. (And The Smiler still holds the record for most inversions on a coaster, with 14.) Oblivion was the 1st B&M dive coaster to be built and Galactica f/k/a Air was B&M’s 1st flying coaster. Thi3teen is a ride guaranteed to first shock you and then put a smile on your face. I sometimes wonder whether the reason Alton Towers has 2 firsts is that Merlin Entertainments was forward in its thinking or that the UK’s proximity to continental Europe figures into the equation. After all, 3 of the most prolific coaster manufacturers – Bolliger & Mabillard, Intamin and Gerstlauer – have their headquarters in Europe.

    I would like to get back to Alton Towers but may first visit Thorpe Park, which also has a rather interesting lineup. One thing about Alton Towers: don’t expect any hypercoasters there unless things change drastically, as zoning regulations prohibit erecting anything above the tree line. This is why they had to dig a trench to create an underground tunnel for Oblivion and why Rita (a coaster no readers could identify, featured in my post about custom coaster calendars) has a track which is red in some spots and green in others. The track was painted partially green in order to blend in with the trees. Another tip about Alton Towers: it isn’t the easiest place to get to, being literally in the middle of nowhere. There is no nearby public transport. I had to take a train from London to Stoke-on-Trent and although I was fortunate enough to be offered a lift to the park, had to pay a £30 taxi fare to get back to Stoke after my visit.

  3. Brian MacDonald

    Frankly, Alton Towers would be my first choice, as a B&M fan, just for the variety and creativity of the coasters. If that’s taken, and assuming that I can get to just about any US park eventually, I’d have to go with Nagashima Spa Land. It’s not the best selection of coasters, but I’d love to get a ride on Steel Dragon 2000. Plus, they have an Ultra Twister! Which isn’t a particularly good ride, but I never rode the version at Great Adventure, so I have a soft spot for it.
    I thought about Ferrari World, but they don’t really have much aside from Formula Rossa, and I’m not spending my dream trip on a single coaster.

  4. Eric

    Oh yeah, Alton Towers is definitely up there on my “dream theme park” list, likely #3 or #4 (Fuji-Q Highland is #1 with Dodonpa & Takabisha, while Nagashima Spa Land is #2 with Ultra Twister and SD2000. Phantasialand is up there, too). Alton Towers’ themeing is probably some of the best I’ve ever seen.

    By the way…..Europa Park was great in 2004 (Silver Star was a “hot new thing” back then). I imagine the *6* new coasters they’ve added since then have only made it better! I’d definitely recommend stopping by the Bavarian park if you ever find yourself in southern Germany.

  5. John

    Mine top two are the same! However, I’d say Europa Park would be first, and Alton Towers as # 2. They both look amazing but the tip-top theming of Europa Park hits it for me. They both have amazing ride offerings. One day!!

  6. Illinois Coasters (Josh)

    I’m visiting Alton Towers this June with family! So excited!


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