Earlier this week, I joined a construction tour of Carowinds new roller coaster Copperhead Strike. The track is complete, but the station, launch barn, and area around the ride are still far from complete. Steve Jackson, Director of Maintenance and Construction led the tour and did a great job answering questions.

Seeing the ride’s orange track, even from a distance I could tell that this is going to be an action-packed ride. It looks low to the ground, with tons of twists and turns. One of the elements that I’m most interested in is that Jojo Roll right out of the station. I could just see it over a barrier. Also, I hadn’t realized from the ride animation that the station would be elevated.

Here are a few interesting take-aways from the construction tour:

  • Even though it’s considerably shorter, Copperhead Strike has more footers than Fury 325 and Intimidator.
  • The first train has arrived in the U.S. in a port in Charleston, SC.
  • Steve Jackson pointed to the airtime hill after the second launch as a spot that should produce a nice pop of air taking people by surprise.
  • They didn’t give details, but it sounds like we can expect some cool theming elements around the ride’s twisted layout. Elements that remind you of an old, neglected farm in the Blue Ridge.
  • They’re going to test two roller coaster photo capture locations before deciding where it’ll be.

Thanks to Carowinds for the invitation to the construction tour. It was great to see the progress on not only the ride, but the surround area. I also enjoyed learning more about the process of getting roller coasters ready for opening day.

What’s Your Take?
How do you think Copperhead Strike looks? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Dru

    It looks Awesome! Now I have two good reasons to return I’ve visited the year before Fury was put in.
    That’s really cool you got to go on a tour like that especially during the off-season you deserve it!

  2. Bobbie

    Thanks for sharing, Joel. This looks as if it will be one of the most interesting coasters to open this year. (The other most promising appear to be Steel Curtain & Maxx Force – possibly Yukon Striker although I don’t get that excited about dive coasters.) I love the heartline roll out of the station; this will be the 3rd coaster I ride which features that element. (The other 2 are Smiler & Hydra.)

  3. Scott Tarcy

    i live 2 minutes from the park and get the season pass each year. cant wait to go try it out this year

  4. Matthew Jonas

    Have you ridden on Steel Vengeance yet? If so, is it your new “best coaster I’ve ever ridden”?

  5. Judy P in Pgh

    Copperhead Strike at Carowinds was my 380th (different) coaster. We waited almost 2 hours on Passholder’s Preview Night to get a ride on this one. The queue line winds through a spaghetti bowl of track and is quite well-themed. Trains are short (2 x 8) with comfortable seating and restraints. The ride starts off with a Jo-Jo roll out of the station, similar to the one on Hydra at Dorney Park. The pacing of the ride is almost “leisurely,” resulting in some unique “hang time” during inversions. While not one of the most intense coasters I have ridden … and definitely not top 10 material for me … I found the ride to be enjoyable and quite unique. Viewing a gorgeous sunset horizon throughout the ride was an added bonus! I have to confess that I honestly do NOT remember the second launch. I guess I need to go watch some YouTube videos to see if I can find it.


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