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Pantheon Roller Coaster Coming to Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2020

Pantheon Roller Coaster Launching in 2020

Busch Gardens Williamsburg will be opening an exciting new multi-launch roller coaster in 2020. Pantheon will be built in the park’s Italy section and will be themed around the pantheon of Roman gods. It will feature a variety of elements and boast quite a few stats making it a one-of-a-kind roller coaster.

The Pantheon roller coaster will include:

  • Three launches
  • Top speed of 72 mph
  • Height of 178 feet
  • A beyond-vertical 95-degree drop
  • 2 inversions flipping riders upside down
  • A section where will travel riders travel backwards

Pantheon Roller Coaster Layout - Busch Gardens

My Take: One of My Favorite Parks is Back on Track

I’m happy to see that Pantheon will join the park’s other more unique and creative coasters that really set Busch Gardens apart. I’ve boasted about their terrain-hugging, creatively-themed high-end roller coasters years. See Alpengeist, Apollo’s Chariot, and Loch Ness Monster. Then, I was a bit disappointed to see Tempesto, an off-the-shelf ride with a small foot print join the lineup a few years ago. Thankfully, the park’s back to its bread and butter with Pantheon, an experience you can’t really find anywhere else with their own signature plummet to the park’s Rhine River.

Pantheon may remind some of the popular multi-launcher Maverick at Cedar Point. Or, it may remind long-time Busch Gardens fans of another innovative looping blue roller coaster, the ill-fated Drachen Fire. Regardless, Pantheon has enough interesting elements, the track switch and backwards section most importantly, to set it apart from most comparisons. I haven’t been to Busch Gardens Williamsburg since 2014, but thanks to this new addition, I’ll definitely be returning in 2020.

Fan-Created POV Video of Pantheon

While the park has not released an official animated POV of what Pantheon will be like, this Amusement Insider’s representation might be pretty close to what we can expect.

Also, check out the park’s official Pantheon page.

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What’s Your Take?
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