Pigeon Forge Snow Review - Indoor Snow Tubing - Sledding Hill
The tubing hill is 225 feet long.

Review: Pigeon Forge Snow | Indoor Snow Tubing

While we focus primarily on roller coasters at CoasterCritic, I have reviewed some non-coaster rides like the popular Proslide Tornado. In that same vein, if you enjoy barreling down a hill at speeds of 30 mph or more, then I can almost guarantee snow tubing is down your alley.

As I kid growing up in northern Virginia, I was fortunate enough to get a decent amount snow every winter. My neighborhood had some great hills for sledding. Pigeon Forge took back to the experience, but without the more difficult aspects.
Pigeon Forge Snow Review - Indoor Snow Tubing
Pigeon Forge Snow opened in 2017 as the World’s only indoor snow tubing park. There are other indoor snow parks, but none that focus just on snow tubing.

Current Prices

I’ll admit, I felt like a kid again as me and my family stepped through the doors. When you walk in, you’ll notice the height of tubing hill is no joke. Guests come flying down the hill and off of the end of the snow at the bottom with a surprising amount of speed until the bare floor finally slows them down.

During our visit prices were as follows: $21.99 for 1 hour of snow tubing, $7.99 for 30 minutes of snow play, and $26.99 for a combo of both snow play and snow tubing. Check the site for current prices and deals.

Mild Temps: No Need to Bundle Up

Next, I noticed the temperature. While the snow is real, the temperature is just below room temperature. So, there’s no need to bundle up. I wore a light jacket and jeans, but I’m not sure I even needed the jacket.

Pre-Ride Experience

You grab a tube, there are two sizes, and then head over to check in area. There an employee scans your wrist tag and remaining time is displayed on a screen. Then you’re instructed when to step on a long conveyor belt that takes you up the tubing hill. The ride up was a nice break as you could lean on your tube and watch other riders zoom down the hill. The tubes are rather large and dragging them around can be a bit tiring.

At the top, you step off and then choose a lane to ride in. There was a pretty large system of queuing rails at the top, but during our visit in the afternoon in mid-October, there almost no lines.

Some Serious Speed

You place your tube and then climb aboard at the crest of the hill. A short pole holds the tubes in place until the ride op releases them. Once the previous riders are clear, the ride op releases the tubes sporadically and your descent begins.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the first few rides I was really, really impressed by the speed. The tubes are quite fast especially as they reach the bottom. It was pretty difficult to even attempt to raise my hands until much later in our hour after I’d grown accustomed to the speed.

At times I’d find myself slowly spinning and completing my trip backwards. Never figured out how to control this. Spinning, uncontrollably. backwards riding. Aside from the spin there’s not a whole lot to be able to mix up your ride. Not a lot variety, but thankfully it doesn’t need it.

Great Photos

After your time is up, you can visit the photo stand and check out your pictures. The photos are exceptional and I recommend you at least stop by and check them out. If you’re lucky, you may get a few shots with multiple members from your group in one picture. You can see a few more examples here.
Pigeon Forge Snow - Indoor Snow Tubing

Final Thoughts on Pigeon Forge Snow

Like any quality sledding experience, the key is repeat rides. Is the experience so good that you’ll want to ride again and again? For Pigeon Forge Snow, the answer is definitely yes.

While I received complimentary admission, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are my own.

Pigeon Forge Snow Review - Indoor Snow Tubing - Sledding Hill
Final Rating
My Take
Pigeon Forge Snow succeeds in bringing the joyous sledding experience without the tiring hike up the hill and cold temperatures. I highly recommend it when visiting the area.
Reader Rating1 Vote
The snow tubes are very fast.
Everyone from adults to small children can enjoy it.
You don't have to dress for cold weather as it's in the 60's in the park.
You don't get wet from walking in snow.
If the park is busy you may get far fewer rides in your hour. Try to visit on a slow day.
The lanes are largely the same with only slight differences in speed and bumpiness.