Coasterology - Types of Roller CoastersCoasterology 101
Don’t know the difference between a hyper, a giga, or a strata coaster? Do you have a favorite ride, but have no idea what kind of roller coaster it is? You’re in the right place. Check out my Coasterology 101 posts and get your learn on.

Track-Related Roller Coaster Types
What is a Launch Roller Coaster?
Ready for insane launches like 0 to 128 in 3.5 seconds!?!…read more>>

What are Hyper, Giga, & Strata Coasters?
Hyper coasters offer speed, airtime, and some great drops…read more>>

What is a Dive Roller Coaster?
Imagine staring 20 stories straight down a 90 degree drop. Sound like fun?…read more>>

What is a Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?
Don’t underestimate these small roller coasters. The sharp turns will catch you by surprise…read more>>>

What is a Water Roller Coaster?
These relatively new coasters blur the line between roller coasters and water rides. Water coasters are the amphibians of the coaster kingdom…read more>>>

What is a Bobsled Roller Coaster?
Bobsled coasters mimic the experience of the icy winter sport their named after. They feature trackless chutes that bobsled-like trains traverse…read more>>>

What is a Shuttle Roller Coaster?
Shuttle coasters will give you a sense of deja vu. They’re short, but always pack a punch as you traverse a section of twisted, looping steel forward and then backwards…read more>>>

What is a Terrain Roller Coaster?
These coasters boast interesting and unique layouts that use the terrain they’re built on …read more>>>

Train-Related Roller Coaster Types
What is a 4th Dimension Roller Coaster?
These coasters put a whole new spin on the standard looping roller coasters. Read more about the most intense and intimidating roller coasters>>

What is a Flying Roller Coaster?
Superman’s not so special anymore. Anyone can fly on these coasters…read more>>

What is a Wing Rider Roller Coaster?
Wing riders or wing walkers, are roller coasters with a completely open seating configuration. They’re a hot new ride type with three new wing coasters on the way in 2012.…read more>>

What is a Floorless Roller Coaster?
There’s no where to hide on these completely open, floorless coasters…read more>>

What is an Inverted Roller Coaster?
Take a spin on one of these ski-lift style wonders…read more>>

What is a Stand-Up Roller Coaster?
Back in the 80’s someone decided it would be a good idea if looping coasters had stand-up trains. The results have been pretty mixed…read more>>>

What is a Suspended Roller Coaster?
These were the first roller coasters that featured trains that traveled below the track. They offer swooping turns and…read more>>>

What is a Mine Train Roller Coaster?
These mine cart-themed coasters are fun for the whole family …read more>>>