I’m often asked about the best time to visit theme parks. In order of best to worst, here are the best days to visit theme parks.

Weekdays Early or Late in the Season
Weekdays early (March, April, and early May) and late (September and October) are the best time to visit theme parks. Many parks will only have weekends open during these times of the year, but some do offer weekdays. These days are your best bet for smaller crowds as cooler temperatures usually prevail.

Weekends Early or Late in the Season
Even though parks will run special Halloween promotions late in the season and early in the season parks will hype up their opening weekend, crowds are much smaller on the first and last days of the season. Look for discounted admission late in the season.

Weekdays During the Summer
If you have to go to a park during the summer months, do yourself a favor and visit during a weekday. Although you may have to take off from work, your visit will be worth it. You’ll actually be able to get on and off of the attractions and experience more of the park in less time.

Sundays During the Summer
In my mind, this is your last resort. Most theme park-goers visit on weekends during the high season. You may dodge the largest crowds by visiting on Sundays. Just keep in mind that thousands of other people have Sundays off and probably think they can miss the crowds too.

Tips to Remember:
#1 Saturdays are the worst, especially for popular parks. Avoid them like the plague!
#2 Weekdays are better than Weekends
#3 Cooler months are better than warmer months
#4 Bad weather forecasts can lessen crowds
#5 Some parks offer Twilight Admission. Enter the park late afternoon (usually 4 PM) and admission is reduced 40 to 50%.

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  1. Steven Winslow

    Great Blog… Saw this and just had to post. You forgot what Ive often seen as three of the absolute best days to go to an amusement park – Labor Day, Memorial day and the 4th of July. These 3 days are very typical family gathering days, so you will often find the parks low in attendance. If you are hitting the Orlando "open 365 days a year" parks, the big holidays are also awesome. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years day…. These mega parks are open and business as usual but without the people!

    – Steven Winslow –

    • The Coaster Critic

      Great point Steven. I haven't been to a park on a holiday in years. But you're right those could be good days as people are usually grilling and having outdoor parties. The days near those days might not be so good though. We went to our local park, Carowinds, and we were in awe at the amount of people there on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. But, Memorial Day might have been another story. I'll have to try this some time. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Jack

    How is the day after 4th of July or any major holiday. Will crowds go down because people need to work the day after to catch up on the day they missed on 4th of July. This is for Six Flags Great Adventure BTW

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