Mean Streak is All Bark and No Bite
The Mean Streak was probably the biggest letdown of my trip to Cedar Point. This massive wooden coaster that’s 161 feet tall (16 stories) and over 5,000 feet long amazingly amounts to almost no thrills. I will say that it was fairly smooth for its size and age, but what a snoozer! It’s nothing but turns and short forgettable drops. I don’t recall any airtime whatsoever. Just what amounted to a long tour ride around a huge wooden structure. It’s even lacking in speed, probably because you spend a lot of the ride at higher elevations. At least Mean Streak won’t beat you up. My ride in the middle of the train wasn’t very rough at all.

It sounds like Mean Streak was neutered for lack of a better word. It had a great few years when it opened and then for some reason Cedar Point re-profiled the layout and added trim brakes to the first hill. Unfortunately, I never got to ride Mean Streak during it’s betterRoller Coaster Reviews years. All that’s left now is the ‘Not So Nice Streak’. After riding, I recognized a major chink in Cedar Point’s armor. The park doesn’t have a solid woodie to speak of. Final Rating – 5.0 (Average)

Want to know how good a 5.0 is? Check out the CCCS. Also, check out this onride roller coaster video of Mean Streak.

Note – This is an official video that was filmed by professionals with permission from the park.
For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

What’s Your Take?
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  1. Adam

    I rode it in May last year for the first time on my first trip to Cedar Point and for me it was the most disappointing ride in the park. I enjoyed every other ride I was able to get on but this was a major let down. Far too rough (my ribs were rattling and I was in pain long before the end of the ride) and the whole layout was a bit dull. I'm a pretty skinny guy and I suspect those people who are defending the ride comfort (or lack there of) are somewhat chunkier than me with more natural padding! Blue Streak and Gemini were much more enjoyable for me, despite their placid thrill levels compared to other coasters in the park. I realise wooden coasters will never be as smooth as the steel coasters and I expect a rough ride on a 'woodie' but Mean Streak was just excessive. The roughness killed any possibility of ride enjoyment for me. Visually it looks awesome but I think they'd be better off ripping it down and building a new wooden coaster with a more exciting and varied layout and more comfortable ride.

  2. Sara

    Woodies were not designed for girls with boobs in mind….that sounds wrong but you know what I mean lol. Owwwie! It really feels like the longest ride ever. When will some punk go and burn this thing down for the good of mankind so Cedar Point can put something good there in its place? Wishful thinking I guess!

  3. Joey Till

    It seems that for most wooden coaster reviews, I dont add up. I found Mean streak super dooper ulta boring, but thats it. Not rough just no airtime. And i dont even know why it had no airtime. It had a bad trim on the drop but it was just slow and boring. Thats it. One of the most decieving looking coasters out there because it looks super awsome, but is actually super lame.

  4. Michael

    They really improved that ride in 2012 not it way less rough and the speed it better. The best part is that the people in the park don't know that the ride improved, so there is not that long of a line

  5. Cpguy

    This year when I visited in 2012 it got WAY smoother then 2011. I think they should do what the New Texas Giant and the rattler to Iron rattler. I think it could be one of the better wooden coasters if it turns into a hybrid. At least it is better

  6. Anonymous

    Why do people say that this ride is rough?!?! I experienced no pain on this ride, but I agree with The Coaster Critic…it has ZERO thrills. It is also very slow…too slow to be rough…and too slow to be fun…thanks to a trim brake. You know what this ride needs? A “New Texas Giant” or “Iron Rattler” treatment! If it gets that, this ride would be a hit! A steel coaster treatment and a good wooden coaster are the two rides that CP desperately needs. GateKeeper is a fun ride, but a “Iron Mean Streak” or a good wood coaster that is smooth with lots of airtime (like El Toro) would’ve been a better choice for a new coaster. Maybe next year or the year after we could see at least one of those to happen?

  7. krissy

    Sorry people…I love this coaster. Something bout the roughness and smell of the wood brings back child memories of Idora Park. This is my favorite here. Got the old vintage nostalgic effect for me. I appreciate the old good wooden coasters.

  8. Koolcat

    Personally I like mean streak it has never been painful to me and I like it’s height.


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