Steel Force @ Dorney Park | Coaster Reviews

Does Steel Force Live up to its Lofty Reputation?
Steel Force dominates the skyline at Dorney. Thunderhawk is just dwarfed by the 200 footSteel Force Roller Coaster steel monster. It’s a visual testament to how far coasters have come. I stepped aboard the uninteresting Morgan trains and enjoyed the nice long ride up the peak. The first drop wasn’t as steep as I thought it would be and the tunnel was just so-so. The highlight for me was the helix at the turnaround. The speed, g’s, and the view of the lake is really cool. The trip back to the station is pretty pedestrian. I didn’t get much if any airtime on those bunny hills. For me, Steel Force was a bit of a let down. I didn’t expect it to unseat my favorite hyper coasters. Not only did it not do that, it didn’t even come close. When visiting Dorney, it’s definitely a must ride and it’s by no means a bad ride. It’s long, has a big drop, a fun helix, two tunnels and it’s not rough. Steel Force is still a good example of a traditional hyper coaster. It’s good, just not quite great. Final Rating – 7.5 (Good)

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What’s Your Take?
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