A great example of bigger not always being better.
I had a short 20 minute or so wait on a rainy, dreary day in May. I was looking forward to my trip to the ‘Coaster Capital’ (Cedar Point)Millennium Force Coaster Review for a number of reasons, including riding my 100th new coaster. As I arrived at Cedar Point I was drawn to Millennium Force like a magnet. It was to be number 100. The ultra-steep lift hill was very intimidating even for a seasoned vet like me. Luckily, I was able to draw on the courage of the pre-teens I rode with. The quiet, speedy lift doesn’t help to settle your nerves as you quickly rise high into the air and feel like your basically over Lake Erie. And then, the BEST and most intense drop I’ve ever experienced. I fought the urge to pull my hands down and hold on as we plummeted down the longest drop of my life. I figured that if the kid half my age could keep his hands up so could I.

Finally, we reached the bottom, and we were being pelted with a light rain at 90+ miles per hour. Next, we’re thrown into the huge over-banked turn. It reminded me of the Superman: Ride of Steel (@ Six Flags New England) only much larger. After the over-bank MF let me down. The rest of the ride was very fast and relatively smooth, but not all that thrilling. And for me, the hills offered NO airtime.Millennium Force Cedar Point Review None. Well, the small hill right next to the station offered a little lift, but nothing to write home about. Where Superman: Ride of Steel (again I’m referring to the SFNE version) offers a thrilling opening and a near flawless middle and finale, Millennium Force doesn’t do much with it’s layout. It didn’t bore me by any means, but it definitely didn’t wow me either.

Also, the theming was lackluster and almost non-existent. But how do you theme something called Millennium Force? I guess Cedar Point needed a name that meant: big, high tech, and opening at the start of the new millennium. Never mind the fact that the real start of the millennium was 2001. I admit that I may be a bit too critical of coaster names.

Millennium Force offers an exhilarating ride, but by no means is it a classic. For one of those see that shorter, slower, older red coaster on the other side of the isle. This is a great coaster,roller coaster reviews but I think it gets more credit than it deserves. The points here are for the unique lift, breath-taking drop, smoothness, setting, and the speed which is unparalleled for a coaster of this length. Final Rating – 9.0 (Excellent)

Wondering how good a 9.0 is? Check out the CCCS to find out. Also, watch this official roller coaster video of Millennium Force to get a taste of what it’s like.

Note – This is an official video that was filmed by professionals with permission from the park.
For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

Intense Roller Coasters - For Adventurous RidersMillennium Force is rated ‘IN’ for Intense. It’s a 4 out of 5 on my Thrill Scale for of its extreme height and speed.

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  1. Quil

    The overbanks on this ride look realy strange to me. They look more like someone's picture of an overbank.

  2. Mike

    After riding this I appreciate B&M hypers even more. Some people like speed, some like intensity, some like airtime. It is great when you have all 3. For me the ride is great fun and I can see how back when it first opened it was the most incredible ride but now it just didn't compare to other coasters I've been on. I love airtime and I will take Intimidator at Carowinds or Apollos chariot any day over MF. I'm not saying it's not a great ride but I don't see how it is always ranked number 1 or number 2 in different polls.

  3. kendall

    I have no idea what this guys talking about. Millenium force deserves much better than a 9 out of 10. He says the main reason for the lower rating is because it doesnt have any airtime. I disagree completely. I rode this two days ago and it had 3 to 4 seconds of huge airtime on the first main hill alone (not the banked curve after the drop, the next one). No idea where he gets that idea from. And how it Magnum XL better than this? I had a headache after riding that it was so bumpy.

  4. James

    I got a few good moments of airtime on MF, but nothing to write home about. As for pacing, MF is in a completely different league compared to most steel rollercoasters.

    I still prefer Bizzaro and to a lesser extent, Expedition Geforce.

  5. Matt

    Best roller coaster I have ever been on…yet. I am going on Bizarro either this year or next. Bizarro has to be the biggest threat to be my favorite for Millennium. Can't wait to ride Bizarro and see which is better!

  6. asladis jones

    iv been on diamondback and it has so many hills,great ride,ill see how it compares with mf next summer

  7. Sara

    I love your site and your reviews! I hope you can make it back to Cedar Point so you can ride Maverick! I really want to see you do a review on it! Seconded regarding "The rest of the ride was very fast and relatively smooth, but not all that thrilling. And for me, the hills offered NO airtime". I do love this coaster but it lacks in the thrill department. The first drop is what I wait in line for. Makes you feel like you're queen (king) of the world. I always black out after the first drop going up the second hill like clockwork and I can't say I mind it. Makes the coaster seem a little more thrilling than it actually is, lol.

  8. jeffrey

    Wait, so you only rode it once and wrote this entire review on it? What kind of a critic are you?

  9. Joey Till

    Idk why but didnt get much airtime on the drop. I do agree with your review that it might get more credit than it deserves. Bizarro is better. Id take Bizarros airtime over MF speed any time. MF is just a really plain fun ride tho, no flaws really other than little air. It did have it on the floater hill flying back to the station and the bigger hill around the island tho. Id give it like a 9 to.

  10. John

    I rode this at around 8:30 PM on August 7, 2012 and found out the hard way it wasn’t the best time to ride. I was bombarded by bugs! I could barely keep my eyes open throughout the ride. I definitely couldn’t open my mouth! When I got off the ride a veteran rider looked at me as I brushed the hundreds of bug carcasses off of my shirt and asked me, “Did you get them all?”

    Great ride, but make sure to go when the bugs are asleep!

    • Mark

      I recommend clear glasses (with a strap) for MF and TTD …

      I also agree with a "9" for MF, it's a great ride, fantastic first drop but some more airtime on the hills would have been appreciated. I liked I-305 more.

  11. Cpguy

    What? Millennium Force is amazing airtime and the best coaster in the world. It beats I305 easy. This ride is not disappointing. The over banked turns are amazing.

    • DRU

      Hey CP guy, Have you ridden both? I wonder, or maybe you rode i305 trimmed…
      I agree the over banked turns are incredible, and one of my new top coaster moments for sure. I would never say Mille was disappointing at all. I would say she has nice floater air, and the tunnels are great! BUT, I305 has a better drop, much stronger air and those incredible Maverick style twisty turns but at around 90mph. The 5 degree steeper 1st drop= way better air and intensity.
      I305 is much more intense. I actually enjoyed that fact a bit because I could ride Mille 10 times in one day. I have never ridden I305 more than 4 times in one day. I305 is a bit too strong for that many rides… That says it all in my book! Also because of this fact you will never wait long [15 minutes on average] for I305 midweek. {Thats with only one train running!} Mille had a steady 1 to 2 hour wait all 3 midweek days I was there. [3 trains running] This caused me to have to pay for the stupid Fastlane for my first time. Also Mille in the dark = Bugs for dinner. I305 in the dark it is pitch black for 85% of the ride, so no bugs. The first drop, all 3 twists, and for both big airtime hills you are completely blind. It is absolutely crazy!
      Please don't think I'm hating on CP… Millie is my new #4…
      Maverick= #1, Eltoro=#2, I305=#3, Millie=#4

      • Cpguy

        But on I305 some people black out after first drop. Maybe the 5 extra degrees might be better for you but Millennium Force is Ranked #1 coaster in the world now including 2012 for 3 straight years. Millennium is longer and faster and taller. That is why millennium force is better. Also millennium force. Is amazing airtime.

      • DRU

        I prefer the 5 degree steeper I 305 drop, instead of Millie's extra 5' height. You can't tell that it is 5' lower, But you sure can sense that it is steeper. That first turn is not as bad as people make it out to be. [I never rode her pre trimmed or trimmed] I never have an issue on that turn, except a little dizziness…After finally riding Millie, I do understand her rank. She is so smooth and sweet, I think her re-ridablity counts for a lot. My favorite part is in the back of the train how you get wrenched down the hammer-heads. I would call Millie's air very nice and smooth. I305 does have better air now though after the fix… It's air is much stronger than Millie's…

      • Roller Coaster Rider

        The Maverick used to be my fav. roller coaster until I rode the MF this year. These are my top 5:
        Millennium Force
        Top Thrill Dragster

  12. Bobbie Butterfield

    I liked this ride more than Joel did. We are in agreement that the first drop is phenomenal but in disagreement as to the rest of the ride. I can't claim that it offers extreme airtime but the overbanked turns are wonderful, the tunnels are a lot of fun and the overall ride experience is excellent. In comparison to Intimidator 305, which is 2nd on my list of top steel coasters after MF, I would have to say that while Intimidator may offer more airtime, MF offers more diversity and scenery. The view of Lake Erie to your left as you go up the lift hill is incomparable whereas Intimidator is more or less out in the middle of a field. Also, after the 1st drop on Intimidator, you are more or less going back and forth over a twisted rack; on Millennium you get more variety. Of course the ride operators have nothing to do with the quality of a coaster but I thought I'd mention that while I found those on Intimidator to be very matter of act, those on MF are quite entertaining. The young lady who said "Millennium Force, of course, goodbye yellow train – toodles, I'll miss you" set the tone for a good ride.

  13. Thacrrigler

    I agree pretty much fully with the review. I did get airtime on all the hills though when I sat in the back. I know for how highly rated this is you should be getting airtime everywhere but it there in certain seats. I would have to say that I thought that El Toro had a little better first drop,
    And Skyrush definitely has the best one thus far, and probably will not be beaten.

  14. Cedar Point Rocks

    The Millenium Force is actually my favorite coaster in the entire world. I most definatly agree that it has an insane hill that seems upside down when you are on it. I think that it actually has great airtime but it doesn’t have the greatest in that world. Kinda Ka had really good airtime when I rode it. I love the beggining hill. I think it is actually the smoothest rollercoaster I have ridden. My favorite part is when you are climbing up and it is a very tall ride so it seems like it should stop but you just keep going up and then the suspense as it slowly climbs over the hill and it just keeps on going forward until nearly vertical you finally drop.

  15. Mike ford

    is there any better scenery on a roller coaster better than MF? No ! Sure there are talller and faster and more intense but this ride is still awesome to me.


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