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Mantis - Cedar PointMantis Preys on Riders, Gives an Uncomfortable Ride
I never thought I’d see the day I would give a Bolliger & Mabillard designed coaster such a low rating. I like, if not love, all of their installations. Their coasters offer the smoothest rides while still delivering thrilling and innovative manuevers. Well, now I have to say that I love “almost all” of their coasters.

The Mantis opens with a straight 130 foot drop. Next you enter a massive vertical loop that offers some g-forces, but nothing too intense. The dive loop is pretty smooth then you rise up and swoop back down for the inclined loop. That’s where things go wrong. The rest of the ride there was this pressure in my legs and feet that was pretty painful. Add to that some pretty substantial headbang on turns and in the last inversion (corkscrew). For the last two-thirds of the ride I was just waiting for it to end. A feeling I’ve never had on a B&M coaster.

Even the older B&M’s and the stand-ups like the Georgia Scorcher at Six Flags Over Georgia and even Vortex at Carowinds didn’t beat me up or leave me with such a negative impression. Maybe a different seat would’ve offered a better ride, but this was by far one of my worst experiences on a steel coaster. Luckily Scorcher and Chang make the case for fun stand-up coasters. Because after youBelow Average Coaster Reviews feel that pain in your legs you wonder why they don’t just through some sitdown trains on that track. The look of the ride, location, and the relatively fun opening third save Mantis from an inconceivable ‘3’. Final Rating – 4.0 (Below Average)

Check out the rest of my rating scale here. Here’s a professional POV video of Mantis:

Note – This is an official video that was filmed by professionals with permission from the park.
For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

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