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The Coaster Critic Goes Web 2.0
So it seems that there are some of us out there that would prefer not to go to the ‘hastle’ of having to follow a bookmark or even type in the url of their favorite sites. For the sites that they frequently visit these people would like the content delivered to them. That’s the whole driving force behind RSS feeds and readers. So it took me a year or two, but now I not only get the concept and see its value, I’ve begun to promote my feeds. See those nifty RSS reader chicklets in the side bar?

So, subscribe to my blog and enjoy my insightful and entertaining posts, summaries at least, in the reader of your choice. I’m burning my feeds, (Don’t you love web terminology?) via FeedBurner. My feed url has changed. So, if you’re already a subscriber you may need to resubscribe to: