Top 3 Inverted Coasters

The Best Inverted Coasters
For my final Top 3 Thursday of the ’06 season I’ll be counting down the best inverted coasters. Over the past decade these looping steel creations have found a permanent place in the theme park landscape.

3 – Volcano: The Blast Coaster at Kings Dominion
To call Volcano a custom inverted coaster is an understatement. It features a ‘live’ volcano and two launch sections. Check out my full Volcano review.

2 – Montu at Busch Gardens Africa
While it’s smaller and somewhat less heralded than it’s bigger brother Alpengeist, Montu is one of the best steel coasters around. The loops are tighter and the track interacts with the ground. You dive down into an Egyptian-themed trench during the batwing element. Also, you fly through another canyon towards the end of the ride that’s reminiscent of the finale of the original Star Wars.

1 – Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Europe
In my opinion, Alpengeist is about as close you’re going to get to flying an F-22. At 67 mph and nearly 200 feet tall, it’s an intense, but not overly rough ride. With the exception of the cobra roll inversion, all of the loops are fun flips and turns with little or no headbanging. Check out my full Alpengeist review.

Honorable Mentions – Dueling Dragons at Islands of Adventures & Top Gun at Carowinds

What do you think of my top three inverted coasters? Leave a comment below.