Mr. Six's Pandemonium - Six Flags New EnglandNew Roller Coaster to Bear Tony Hawk’s Name
Six Flags Fiesta Texas, located near San Antonio, is building a new roller coaster with spinning cars called Tony Hawk’s Big Spin. According to the press release, the ride and its surroundings will be themed to look like a giant red and black skate park. Capping off the area will be “a large spinning Tony Hawk figure”. Seems reminiscent of the Rocky statue in Philly.

From the description and the maker (Gerstlauer) I’d imagine it will be somewhat similar to Mr. Six’s Pandemonium. Regardless of the name, referring to that creepy old Six Flags mascot, Pandemonium is easily one of the most enjoyable family coasters around. It offers small spinning cars with four riders facing each other. And it doesn’t spin you so much that you get sick. Hopefully, Big Spin will be just as good.

Tony Hawk’s Big Spin Virtual Ride & More Info

Tony Hawk’s Big Spin Press Release

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