Flying Turns Progress @ Knoebels

Knoebels to Resurrect an Extinct Wooden Coaster
Keeping with Knoebels’ theme of classic wooden coasters, the park is currently working on Flying Turns. According to Wikipedia, Flying Turns was the name of a specific type of wooden roller coaster. They feature a trackless wooden chute that was twisted like a bobsled course and had toboggan-like cars. There hasn’t been one in operation in over 30 years, so it seems like a great move by Knoebels to resurrect this type of coaster. It will help to put the small park on the map, just as the airtime-packed Phoenix has, while still keeping in step with the homey old school amusement park feel.

Knoebels may literally be in the middle of nowhere in Elysburg, PA, but its definitely worth the trip for the true coaster enthusiasts. The airtime on Phoenix is insane and seems borderline dangerous, Twister is one of my favorite wooden coasters, and the Haunted Mansion there is one of the best dark rides in the country.

Check out for photos and a webcam.
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