Cedar Fair Starts Trimming the Fat
I’m a little late on this one, but it looks like if you’re in the market for an air compression launch roller coaster now is the time to buy. Kings Dominion is selling Hypersonic XLC. You can see the listing here.

While it’s a unique attraction and has some impressive stats (0 to 80 in 1.8 seconds, 90 degree ascent and descent), I can’t say I’m too sorry to see Hypersonic go. The launch was pretty cool, but the rest is over in the blink of an eye and just a hair better than a waste of time. Another good move by Cedar Fair. I’m quickly warming up to you guys. Keep it up! It’s about quality, not quantity.

Sad to see Hypersonic go? Do you hope it’s coming to your home park? Leave a comment below.

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    quite frankly cedar fair's kings dominion was very stupid when they made the decision to sell the HYPERSONIC XLC. Having people stand in a line for two hours for a 20s ride is amazing it should really show how much people enjoy the coaster. People who say it sucked have never really experienced it

  2. Anonymous

    Why remove a ride that still has people lining up after only a few years in existence? It cant be cost effective for Cedar Fair. Im very suprised by this. That coaster had one hell of a launch that is going to be missed. I hope they dont start sending all of their older coasters packing. Im a huge fan of alot of them. Be Smart Cedar fair!


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