Hard Rock Park | Led Zeppelin Coaster

Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach to Feature a Led Zeppelin Roller Coaster
The new Hard Rock Park set to open in 2008 in Myrtle Beach will feature a large Bolliger & Mabillard looping coaster with themed after legendary rock band Led Zeppelin. The station will be a zeppelin and the ride will be synchronized to their hit “Whole Lotta Love”. Members of the band apparently worked with Hard Rock on the theming and picked the song from their catalog.

The layout of the coaster looks great. It will have six inversions (vertical loop, cobra roll, zero-g roll, vertical loop, and a corkscrew) and it will be situated partly over a lagoon. According to the RCDB listing, Hard Rock Park will open with five roller coasters in all. That’s quite a way to debut, meaning Hard Rock is putting quite a bit of money into this rock-themed park. Suddenly, I don’t feel so bad that the area lost the Myrtle Beach Pavilion.

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