Solo Trips to Theme Parks

Thinking of Going it Alone?
Are you the type that doesn’t mind eating out alone? Ever go to a movie by yourself because you didn’t know anyone who wanted to see a movie? Then, you might be secure enough to reap the benefits of the Solo Amusement Park Trip. First, I’m assuming that your an enthusiast, or at least some one that’s itching to go to a theme park enough to consider going it alone. Again, this is more of a tip for coaster enthusiasts and serious theme park fans.

I’ve had to go it alone either because I was in a city on business and figured it was the perfect chance to get into a new park or because I didn’t know anyone willing to take a trip and spend the money to go a theme park. There’s no way I’d have been 20-some parks and ridden 130-some roller coasters if I hadn’t taken some solo trips.

Benefits of Going Solo:
-There’s an “I” in Solo Trips!
It’s all about you! No checking on seeing what the group wants to do. In fact “the group” is completely out of the equation. (This is usually a good thing in my mind). Any group larger than say four people is going to split at some point as people like to do different things. Then someone brought the friend to the park that doesn’t ride roller coasters?!?! Someone’s got to stay with her while everyone else rides. Oh and Suzy doesn’t like this coaster so we’ll go ride this and meet you back here at 2. It’s a mess! If you’re like me and want to enjoy the park groups can really stink!

-Move around the park at your own pace.
Want to zip around the park, barely stopping to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom? Would you like to focus on taking some great pictures or chill out and grab a bite to eat. Not a problem.

-Ride things when you want to.
5 rides in a row on Hades? Sure. Why not?

-Single Rider Lines!
Single rider lines are a Godsend for solo trippers or even couples or groups that don’t care if they ride together. Wait times can be decreased by amazing amounts on some attractions. I got hooked up by a single rider line at Six Flags New England on their brand new Mr. Six’s Pandemonium. Also, often B&M roller coasters with 4 across seating will call for single riders to fill in gaps. I can’t count the number of times I’ve cut ahead of a ton of people because the ride ops called for single riders.

Disadvantages of Solo Trips:

-No one to talk to while waiting in lines.
Just try to pick an off day like a weekday or a weekend late in the season or early in the season. Waiting in lines can be even less fun when you’re alone. Although I’ve never tried it, you could bring an mp3 player or hand held video game system to pass the time.

-No one to ride with on “Group Rides”
Some rides lend themselves to groups more than your average roller coaster. Joining other groups and riders is always an option, but you’d have to be comfortable with that. I ride roller coasters almost exclusively only on my trips, so this isn’t an issue for me.

Hear Some Other Opinions
Here’s a link to a CoasterRadio podcast about Solo trips. One of the hosts of the show had qualms about doing it but then described it as liberating, because it really is all about you. He also had a really funny story about something that happened to him at Disney World, but you’ll have to listen to the podcast for that. Hilarious! If you’re on the fence about trying it, give it a shot. You can’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

What’s Your Take?
Anyone want to chime in about solo trips? Think it’s a bad idea? Do you have any stories to share? Leave a comment below.