Nitro vs. Apollo’s Chariot | Roller Coaster Showdown

Two B&M Hyper Coasters Go Head-to-Head in the First Edition of Roller Coaster Showdown

Bolliger & Mabillard’s critically acclaimed hyper coasters are tall, airtime-packed, modern thrill rides. This week, I’ll be pitting Busch Gardens Europe’s Apollo’s Chariot against Six Flags Great Adventure’s Nitro.

Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure
-Nitro boasts a taller first drop (215′). It’s the 9th largest America.
-The fourth hill is a hammerhead turn more than 100′ in the air. (Seen here.)
-Nitro has an S-curve and a tight upward helix. Nitro has more of a flying in the air feeling” than Apollo’s “closer to the ground” layout.

Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens Europe
-Apollo’s Chariot’s lift hill is only 170′ tall, but it offers a 210′ drop to the surface of the Rhine River.
-Apollo’s third drop features a swooping decent resulting in the train skimming the ground. Great for those riding on the left side of the train.
-AC is packed with airtime, especially on the series of bunny hills on the trip back to the station.

Edge: The edge goes to Apollo’s Chariot for its relentless amount of airtime on pretty much every hill. Not only are riders treated to an insane number of drops, but they also experience airtime (being lifted out of your seat).

Which coaster would you pick in this week’s Coaster Showdown? Do you have suggestions for next week’s edition? Leave a comment below.