Geauga Lake Changes to Water Park

Geauga Lake to be Changed into a Water ParkGeauga Lake Front Entrance
Cedar Fair announced today that Geauga Lake, an amusement park in Eastern Ohio, will be transformed into a water park. The proverbial writing was on the wall. As I reported in “Geauga Lake Loses More Coasters”, rumors of Cedar Fair moving Dominator and Thunderhawk to other parks have been making the rounds on the ‘Net.

Roller Coasters on the Move
Today, Cedar Fair made it official with a press release. Obviously, this is bad news for coaster enthusiasts and Geauga Lake fans in the area (sorry Judy), but their loss could be your gain. If you live near another Cedar Fair park be on the lookout for a new-ish coaster. The wooden roller coasters on their roster like Villain, Raging Wolf Bobs, and the 80 year old Big Dipper will be harder to relocate. But steel coasters, Double Loop, Beaver Land Mine Ride, and Head Spin should find their way to a Cedar Fair park near you. It’s a good thing I made it to the park a few years ago.

Check out the full announcement here. Anyone upset about the Geauga’s transformation? Any rumors or leads on where the moved coasters will re-appear?