Hersheypark - Wildcat - Roller Coaster

Wildcat @ Hersheypark | Roller Coaster Reviews

Wildcat @ Hersheypark | Roller Coaster Reviews
Coaster enthusiasts often fall into two camps. Those who can excuse a rough ride on a wooden coaster and Wild Cat Roller Coaster - Hersheyparkthose who can’t. I’m in the latter camp. I don’t mind being thrown around a bit, but Wildcat just down right hurt. I rode it during my last trip to Hersheypark which kicked off my busy 2006 season.

Wildcat is a wooden twister and the first coaster built by Great Coasters International. As their name suggests, GCI went on to build some great wooden roller coasters including Thunderhead and Lightning Racer. I’d ridden Roar at Six Flags America which is an exact clone of Hershey’s Wildcat, so I figured I knew what I was in for.

The bumpy ride began with a swooping drop to the right. It’s about the only enjoyable part of the ride. The remaining 90% of Wildcat is rough and bumpy. The real low point comes about halfway through. A small hill that was likely designed for a nice, fun pop of air delivered the opposite. I was treated with a violent jerk that resulted in my leg banging against the car. After I got off, I had a small indention below my shin. Luckily, the injury didn’t break the skin. I know wooden coasters are known for their roughness, but Wildcat was excessive. Final Rating – 3.5 (Bad Approaching Below Average)

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What’s Your Take?
Did you have an equally rough ride on Wildcat? Did the recently installed (2007) Millennium Flyer trains help at all? Leave a comment below.

Photo Credits: Header photo via Creative Commons: Jeremy Thomspon (Header Photo). Post Photo courtesy of CoasterImage.