Dominator @ Kings Dominion | New Coaster for 2008

Kings Dominion Adds Dominator for 2008
Another Geauga Lake orphan has found a new home. Today, the official announcement was made that the B&M floorless coaster Dominator will dominate the Kings Dominion skyline next year.

An Inviting Concrete Setting
In true Kings Dominion fashion the ride will be located on top of the existing park instead of in the acres and acres of untouched wilderness surrounding the park. It had a cool setting in a marshy area on the edge of the lake at Geauga. In its new home it will sit in the parking lot next to the swinging inverter ship Berserker. Similar to G.A.S.M.’s setting at Great Adventure. The general public won’t care but this kind of thing irks me. At least that other Virginia park knows a thing or two about theming, atmosphere, and integrating roller coasters into a park.

A Strong Addition to the Lineup
On the bright side, Dominator is a great ride. It’s easily one of my favorite floorless coasters and also one of my top 10 or 15 seated looping coasters. There’ not a real need for this type of coaster, but it will satisfy the general public, especially those who haven’t ridden a B&M coaster. Aside from a smooth, twisted ride and great capacity that’ll keep the line moving, it features:

148′ drop (14 stories)
Record setting 135′ tall vertical loop
Cobra Roll (2 inversions)
2 Corkscrews
Floorless trains
For more information see King’s Dominion’s press release.

Check out this onride video of the Dominator:

**UPDATE – 05/20** Dominator’s open! Check out photos and a video from media day in this post.

**UPDATE** I have posted a new photo from March 9th that I took showing the progress of Dominator. View the picture here.

Anyone looking forward to Kings Dominion’s newest addition? Leave a comment below.