Twister at Knoebels | The Other Half of Knoebels’ 1-2 Punch
Twister at KnoebelsThe aptly named Twister is the epitome of a twister roller coaster. It’s an action-packed wooden coaster with more lateral g-forces than you can shake a stick at. Twister’s exciting layout was actually borrowed from Mr. Twister, a roller coaster that operated at Elitch Gardens in Denver, CO from 1964 to 1994. Mr. Twister was a top rated coaster and was advertised as not having a foot of straight track. When it closed in 1994, Knoebels considered relocating it (like they did with Phoenix), but instead opted to create their own roller coaster from the plans for Mr. Twister.

The layout of Twister is one of the most interesting I’ve ever experienced. The curved station is tucked snugly inside the coaster’s mass of tangled wood. After dropping out the station riders climb the first hill. A 180 degree turn follows and then the train climbs the second lift hill. During the lift you can’t help but notice the great view of the beautiful Pennsylvania mountains all around the park. Next, a large swoop curve sets up the first real drop and you’re off on your twisted journey back to the station.

The pacing is relentless and fast and yet it isn’t too rough to bearTwister's Double Helix - Knoebels - Roller Coaster several rides. The highlight of the ride is the cool double helix that wraps around the station. The lateral g-forces are intense. Before it’s all over, you find yourself roaring through a dark underground tunnel somewhere in the mass of wood. Finally, you make your way to the brake run and your ride is over.

Twister is an impressive little wooden gem at Knoebels and it’s currently number 7 on my Top Wooden Coasters List. For me, it might have upstaged Knoebels’ crown jewel, theRoller Coaster Reviews Phoenix. While Phoenix has insane airtime, its layout is pedestrian compared to the Twister’s. They’re both great coasters and with the addition of Flying Turns in 2009, enthusiasts that haven’t made it to Knoebels should be ashamed of themselves. Final Rating – 9.0 (Excellent)

Traditional Roller Coasters - Fun For AllTwister is rated ‘TR’ for Traditional. It’s a 2 out of 5 on my Thrill Scale.

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  1. Judy P in Pgh

    Never any lines for this one! Got on it 6 times in a row before my husband made me stop. My son now lives about 15 min. from this park. He is getting married in May, but would hear NOTHING of having the wedding at Knoebel's.

  2. Anonymous

    knoebels is the greatest park of all time, an ap consumer report in 2004 rated knoebels higher than disney world

  3. seth

    I rode the Twister in 2006 when i was six and it is CRAZY!!! CRAZY i tell you!!!! CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Twister_lover

    Yes I am the Seth that left the comment above but I rode the Twister last Thursday after it stopped raining and it was going faster than the Steel Force at Dorney Park!!

  5. anonymous

    the twister is AMAZING.every year i go to knoebels and the twister is always the first ride i ride.i ride the twister 7 times and we only stay for 4 days.

  6. Matt McIrvin

    The original Mr. Twister at Elitch Gardens was the first big coaster I ever rode on, and it scared me badly enough that I didn't ride a roller coaster again for years. I rode it again when I was a little older and enjoyed it, but there's no question about it, it was an intense ride. And now it's gone.

    I'd love to ride the Knoebels Twister someday. Based on the videos, it looks like a similar experience, though not exactly the same.

  7. LinaSkye

    I liked the Twister much better than Phoenix. It is a pretty class act woodie, and it has some really unique design elements

  8. DRU

    Twister has a super cool unique layout for sure. Just looking at it I could see it would be great. I also thought it was better than the Phoenix. Because of the intensity. I love airtime but prefer intensity. Imagine my surprise when I realized there was a second world class Woddie at Knoebles. I had planned a quick trip here just for the Phoenix. What a special place! I can't wait to return.
    Thanks CC!


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