Maximum RPM! Preview | Hard Rock Park

Maximum RPM Coaster Preview | Hard Rock Park – EXCLUSIVE!Maximum RPM - Hard Rock Park
On my recent media trip to Hard Rock Park I was lucky enough to become one of the first to get a tour of Maximum RPM. It’s a first of its kind roller coaster with a unique lift mechanism. The six person cars will enter a ferris wheel-like hub that will rotate cars to the top. Once cars reach the top, the cars will drop into the ride’s twisted layout.

As with the park’s other attractions, music is infused into several aspects of the ride. Maximum RPM! is located in Hard Rock’s British Invasion section with an 80’s New Wave theme. Guests waiting in the air conditioned queue line will be treated to karaoke performances from volunteers in line. So, if by chance the ride capacity’s not the greatest and the line moves slowly at least you’ll get to hear some guy murder an old Duran Duran song. Once aboard the cars, riders will get to choose a song for their lift and for the actual ride.

Maximum RPM! is set to open in June and looks to be a quite a memorable ride. You have to tip your hat to the team behind HRP, for taking the chance on a completely new concept like this. Check out these photos of Maximum RPM:
Maximum RPM - Hard Rock Park Maximum RPM - Hard Rock Park
Maximum RPM - Hard Rock Park Maximum RPM - Hard Rock Park

The ride’s a bit short, but with the karaoke, on-board speakers, the unique lift and car wash (when it’s working) add up to a pretty cool ride. The Hard Rock Park Blog has a complete ride review. Also, check out my full Hard Rock Park review.
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