This Thursday I’m going to take a look at the best amusement park resorts in the U.S. I’ve been to quite a few parks over the years, but I’ve only stayed a one resort; Walt Disney World when I was 8. So, how could I do a top 3 list? I can’t, but the travel experts over at the Hospitality Management Schools Blog can. They recently sent me their list of the 10 Best Amusement Park Resorts. Here’s the top 3:

1. Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando, Florida)
I knew that Walt Disney World was big, but according to the HMS Blog, it includes “32 resorts and hotels on the property, which covers 40 square miles, with 24 of those directly operated by Disney”. And of course they all allow for easy access to the Disney theme parks. I’m sure I’ll be heading back to Disney World one day with the family. Maybe it’ll be thirty years after my last visit.

2. Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio)
The ‘Center of the Coaster Universe’, Cedar Point, is still home to the most roller coasters of any theme park on the planet. Thanks in part to Magic Mountain’s recent delaying of their 17th coaster to 2011 (Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster). The mega park on Lake Erie offers more than enough to warrant an overnight stay. The Breakers Hotel is located right on the beach and it offers early access to the park, before the general park-goers.

3. Universal Orlando Resort (Orlando, Florida)
Universal Orlando’s hotels are within walking distance of the Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios theme parks. Also within walking distance is the entertainment hot spot CityWalk that offers bars, restaurants, and a movie theater.  I would imagine that the resorts are going to be pretty busy with new Wizarding World of Harry Potter opening soon.

Here’s the rest of the list:

4. Hershey Resorts (Hershey, Pennsylvania)
5. Schlitterbahn (New Braunfels, Texas)
6. Darien Lake (Darien, New York)
7. Six Flags Great Escape Lodge (Lake George, New York)
8. Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Williamsburg, Virginia)
9. Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin)
10. Disneyland Resort (Anaheim, California)

Read the full post here: 10 Best Amusement Park Resorts

I’m not quite back from my hiatus yet, but look for me to return within the next week or so with some really cool, new stuff. You may notice one of the new ‘features’ on the site even sooner. I hope that you’ve been enjoying all of the great guest posts.

What’s Your Take?
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  1. Prof. BAM

    I've stayed at Disney resorts, Mt. Olympus, and the Hersheypark Hotel. The Cedar Point Resort is on my bucket list. I'm ging to BGW next year, but I have a timehare going up a couple miles down the road.

  2. Quil

    while i`ve never been inside the SFGELodge, i`ve seen quite alot of it from the oustside. i have a prettey good idea what it is by the structure, some pictures i`ve seen, a couple of verbal descriptions from people i`ve met in the queue, and the giant 30-foot window at the entrance. it`s devided into two sections, the hotel, and the water section. the water area is basicaly a smaller pool, and a couple of water slides. while this can`t be seen from the inside, it`s very noticable from the out. all 4 water slides go out of the building and start spinning aroung eachother. it`s a prettey cool sight.

  3. austin

    i think mt. olympus should more like number 2 or 3 on that list its a highly underrated park and alot of people judge it b4 they even know what its like iv'e been there b4 and i enjoyed it alot it a great park i will say they do need to work on a few things like a little more friendly staff a little better theming take a little better care of there rides and clean up there paths and other areas in the park a litte more and its a perfect park i have some ideas for the park that i think would make the park have more bussines and make more money all on a 5 year span:

    year 1: retrack HADES and add some fountains, flowers, trees, scenery and some theming

    year 2: retrack ZEUS and work on the appearnce of there waterlsides rides and rollercoasters

    year 3: work on more friendly staff and maksure they train the ride operators properly to operate the rides better and BE MORE FRIENDLY!!!

    year 4: add a vekoma boomerang coaster near the old site of dive to atlantis

    year 5: add a new thrill ride something like a skyscraper or a giant looping starship

    i think that would really do it for that park


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