Toyota Turns a Prius into a Roller Coaster

Toyota Prius as a Roller CoasterYou’ve probably seen the Toyota commercial by now that features an interesting ‘What If’. It pontificates:

“What if the energy generated from a braking roller coaster was used to power something?”

The commercial features the Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain by the way. Even though I skipped the Arrow looper while I was at the park I identified it right away.

Anyway, it turns out that Toyota wasn’t just throwing out a random idea. They worked with Pittsburgh engineers Deep Local to test out the concept. It’s a cool video and you’ll notice some Kennywood coasters in the beginning. Here’s Toyota’s Building a Hybrid Roller Coaster – Ideas for Good video:

After a few viewings I noticed a ‘dramatization’ note at the bottom of the video. That made the video slightly less cool, but it’s still fun to see an interesting concept acted out in this way. See behind-the-scenes photos and read about the Prius’ transformation at Deep Local’s Blog. Also, visit¬†Toyota’s Ideas for Good site.

What’s Your Take?
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