Tower Rides Rule the Skies in the Summer of 2011
WindSeekers Coming to Cedar Point, Kings Island, Canada's Wonderland & Knott's Berry FarmThis year, a number of towering swing rides debuted at theme parks across the continent. WindSeekers debuted at four Cedar Fair parks: Canada’s WonderlandCedar PointKings Island, and Knott’s Berry Farm. They’re identical (I think) 301′ tall swing rides that spin riders at 30 mph. And, Six Flags installed two similar high altitude swings in their SkyScreamers at Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Now that plenty of people have had a chance to take them for a spin, I’d love to know what people think. Similar to my (You)Reports, this post could be considered a (You)Review as I haven’t been on any of these rides. I’m curious to know how they’ve been received.

Looking back at the first impression poll results from last year’s post, readers thought that the WindSeekers would be: 51% Amazing, 37% Okay, 12% Boring.

Check out this video of Cedar Point’s WindSeeker:

And here’s a video of SkyScreamer at Six Flags St. Louis:

I’m more of a roller coaster guy, but these rides look like they might be worth a ride. I don’t consider myself that acrophobic, but the view from these rides would really put my comfort with heights to the test. Is it just me or does SkyScreamer look a bit scarier due to those chains dangling you twenty stories above the ground?
So what’s the verdict for the WindSeekers? Vote in the poll below:[poll id=”42″]

And what does everyone think about the Sky Screamers?[poll id=”43″]

What’s Your Take?
Have you ridden any of these rides? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Surya

    I've only been on 1 of the Star Flyer until now, the one at Holiday Park in Germany, and enjoyed it quite a bit. It was more forceful than I expected it to be. That being said, I don't think I would ever wait more than 20/30 minutes to get on one of those.

  2. Mark

    I went on the Sky Screamer at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom a week ago and found it OK, nothing too special. My 11 year old niece said (without prompting) that it was "boring" but she loved Medusa. My recommendation to Six Flags would be to save their pennies and apply the Star Flyer funds toward more coasters, or if they want more flat rides get a Giant Frisbee like MaxAir at Cedar Point.

  3. merle

    I went to holiday park recently and while I didn't ride it my sister did, she wasn't scared at all and she's 6 years old. she said it was pretty fun but all in all didn't seem that blown away

  4. Quil

    It seems to me that the Windseekers would be better than the Skyscreamers, but I've ridden neither, so I can't realy say.

    PS-I love how the lights look on the Windseekers.

  5. MIcoasterguy

    I ridden Windseekers @CP and KI and found them both to just be taller versions of the family swing rides that parks have had for years. Cedar point's Windseeker does provide a beautiful view of Lake Erie but overall the ride experience isn't intense or as thrilling as I had anticipated.

  6. Gearhart

    I got a day ride on KI's Windeseeker and a night ride on CP's, it's much better at night. The lighting package add's to the overall experience and for me anyway it seems a little bit more unnerving after dark, but I'm actually not to good with heights. For the most part though they're just a relaxing ride with a great view. Luckily, the Windseeker's at least, are people eaters and I've never seen more than a 15/20 minute wait.

  7. Prof.BAM

    I just realized that I have a timeshare half an hour from St. Louis. Do to us still recovring from my massive Orlando trip last August, I'm heading to St. Louis next year. I feel sorry for that skyscreamer, I'm coming for it!

    • Prof.BAM

      I believe that there's a mini Star Flyer at the MN state fair this year. Giant Swing ride on a Stick!

  8. Piedude81

    I'm going to rip my head off about now. When I went to my home park SFSTL, SkyScreamer was closed, and when I was just recently at Cedar Point, no one would go on WindSeeker with me. Seriously. My cousins will go on to Top Thrill Dragster, but won't ride WindSeeker or MaXair. So annoyed at myself.

  9. Cade

    My homepark is SFSTL. I was excited for skyscreamer, but it was a very mellowdramatic. It is worth a short line, but more than 30 min., skip.

  10. Kristofer

    When I rode Windseeker, I found it to be enjoyable. I liked the view it gave and the freedom. I feel , though, that this rides lines will continue to decrease as the years go by. Hopefully, the line will almost always be under 5 min.

  11. Jeff

    I'm in the minority obviously, but there is nothing boring about dangling 300 feet in the air. I won't ride any of these things so I wish they would just go away. A Wave Swinger is plenty of aerial thrill for me. I would much prefer the Giant Frisbee or Screamin' Swing, which I have ridden and enjoyed a great deal. So I agree the money should be spent elsewhere, just for different reasons.

  12. Mike

    On my trips to KI and CP this year the windseekers weren't operational yet so this is a comment to say no comment 😉

  13. N.R.G

    i went on Windseeker at Knott's and it was really cool. It was a bit scary because it was a windy day and the seat kinda moved a bit, but overall it's a pretty cool ride perfect for people who aren't afraid of heights.

  14. Ryan

    At cedar point, windseeker is magnificent, the lines are no longer than 10 minutes, you can see canada, and you are partally above lake erie.

  15. MarkLex

    Um, I agree with the person that said “how can dangling 300 feet in the air not be thrilling? I haven’t ridden one, but I’ve watched plenty of POV’s of them…..the view looks incredible…….I LOVE coasters but I think it’s cool for a park to have one of these. It looks like the windseekers look a little better to me…..


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