Disaster Transport Removed from Cedar Point

Reactions to Disaster Transport & Space Spiral’s Removal from Cedar Point

Gatekeeper – Cedar Point’s 2013 Roller Coaster

UPDATE 8/13 – Cedar Point is scheduled to announce their new roller coaster today. See images and read about Cedar Point’s 2013 wing coaster Gatekeeper.

Part of the big news that broke this week involving Cedar Point’s 2013 roller coaster was the demise of two of the park’s attractions. In order to make room for the record-setting new wing roller coaster mentioned in the memo, Cedar Point will be removing the indoor bobsled coaster Disaster Transport and the observation tower called Space Spiral.

The total projected cost of the project is $25 million, a price that includes removing the park’s Space Spiral and Disaster Transport rides and restructuring the park entrance. – Sandusky Register

In only a matter of hours the Facebook group, Save Disaster Transport and Space Spiral popped up. There’s always going to be someone that’ll miss a removed ride. Back in 2010, when news of Big Bad Wolf’s removal was announced there was a Save the Big Bad Wolf movement. At the end of the day, I can’t imagine that any of these efforts will ever actually save these rides, but there’s nothing wrong with fans gathering together to make their voices heard.

Disaster Transport Removed from Cedar Point

Disaster Transport; One of the Last of a Dying Breed

Disaster Transport was a fun, but cheesily-themed and dated ride when I encountered it on my trip to Cedar Point in 2006. If nothing else it is rare as the number of operating bobsled coasters in the States has dwindled to four. Here’s my review of Disaster Transport.

The Space Spiral’s Removal

To be honest, I didn’t really even know that this ride existed. It looks familiar from pictures I’ve seen of the park’s skyline, but it might have well been invisible when I visited the park. On my blitzkrieg-like coaster trips, I have a laser focus on roller coasters. Especially so with such a large and important park as Cedar Point. I’m starting to have more well-rounded fully fledged theme park trips, but that wasn’t the case in 2006. Looking back at it now though, the view of from Space Spiral is probably among the best of any observation tower around. You’ve got the coaster-packed Point with trees, twisted steel cropping up here and there, Top Thrill Dragster dominating the skyline and then Lake Erie as a backdrop to it all. Again, I’ve never ridden it, but the Space Spiral’s removal could actually be a pretty significant loss if you think about it.

Personally, I don’t feel strongly about the removal of these rides, but if you do, show your support by liking the Save Disaster Transport and Space Spiral page on Facebook.

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What’s Your Take?
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