Gatekeeper – Cedar Point’s 2013 Roller Coaster

UPDATE 8/13 – Cedar Point is scheduled to announce their new roller coaster today. See images and read about Cedar Point’s 2013 wing coaster Gatekeeper.

Part of the big news that broke this week involving Cedar Point’s 2013 roller coaster was the demise of two of the park’s attractions. In order to make room for the record-setting new wing roller coaster mentioned in the memo, Cedar Point will be removing the indoor bobsled coaster Disaster Transport and the observation tower called Space Spiral.

The total projected cost of the project is $25 million, a price that includes removing the park’s Space Spiral and Disaster Transport rides and restructuring the park entrance. – Sandusky Register

In only a matter of hours the Facebook group, Save Disaster Transport and Space Spiral popped up. There’s always going to be someone that’ll miss a removed ride. Back in 2010, when news of Big Bad Wolf’s removal was announced there was a Save the Big Bad Wolf movement. At the end of the day, I can’t imagine that any of these efforts will ever actually save these rides, but there’s nothing wrong with fans gathering together to make their voices heard.

Disaster Transport Removed from Cedar Point

Disaster Transport; One of the Last of a Dying Breed

Disaster Transport was a fun, but cheesily-themed and dated ride when I encountered it on my trip to Cedar Point in 2006. If nothing else it is rare as the number of operating bobsled coasters in the States has dwindled to four. Here’s my review of Disaster Transport.

The Space Spiral’s Removal

To be honest, I didn’t really even know that this ride existed. It looks familiar from pictures I’ve seen of the park’s skyline, but it might have well been invisible when I visited the park. On my blitzkrieg-like coaster trips, I have a laser focus on roller coasters. Especially so with such a large and important park as Cedar Point. I’m starting to have more well-rounded fully fledged theme park trips, but that wasn’t the case in 2006. Looking back at it now though, the view of from Space Spiral is probably among the best of any observation tower around. You’ve got the coaster-packed Point with trees, twisted steel cropping up here and there, Top Thrill Dragster dominating the skyline and then Lake Erie as a backdrop to it all. Again, I’ve never ridden it, but the Space Spiral’s removal could actually be a pretty significant loss if you think about it.

Personally, I don’t feel strongly about the removal of these rides, but if you do, show your support by liking the Save Disaster Transport and Space Spiral page on Facebook.

Also, take a sad trip down memory lane and read: The 5 Most Missed Defunct Roller Coasters

What’s Your Take?
What’s your take? How do you feel about these ride’s being removed for the new wing roller coaster? Leave a comment below. Vote in the poll below. [poll id=”72″][poll id=”73″]

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24 Responses

  1. Bob

    As for Cedar Point’s future plans, here are my opinions on that. Along with many others out there, I also feel like it is time for Disaster Transport to go. Even though I did have some fun times on the ride, I feel like Disaster Transport was reaching the end of its useful life. Not the Wildcat. (The Wildcat ride should have stayed because 1: it was a great little coaster for kids, 2: it was more attractive than Disaster Transport, and 3: the Wildcat dated back to 1970! There goes some history being scrapped right there… I hope Blue Streak never suffers that fate).

    As for removing Space Spiral, I can understand the reason for removing it, but I feel like the ride should not become extinct. If there is ANY room in the middle of the park, then a new updated version of the Space Spiral oughta go in there. You could see more of the park that way opposed to where it still is right now.

    Lastly, I think Shoot The Rapids already needs to go. I have no doubt that Cedar Point would be fine with the two other water rides. I think (if it could carefully be constructed) that a new indoor roller coaster could go where Shoot The Rapids is. Something cool like Flight Of Fear (from King’s Island) where Shoot The Rapids is would certainly be a hit. And if it’s better than Disaster Transport, then why not?

    • RCTPro

      The removal of Shoot the Rapids won't happenanytuime soon sincethey built it so recently and it doesn't have any problems that usually lead to new rides not lasting long, and it seems to be White Water Landing's successor and actually looks kind of coom, sort of like a babyPilgrim'ws Plunge in a sense,

  2. Mark

    Once again Cedar Point shows it has NO REGARD for nostalgia. While I won't really miss Disaster Transport much, the Space Spiral is certainly a "classic" attraction that always used to be a big part of the park's profile. The park is just SO DIFFERENT now from the park that "I" grew up with. What are they going to get rid of next??? If they ever get rid of "The Mine Ride", I'm giving up…

    • Robb

      I agree with you so much. I, however, loved Disaster Transport. In fact, I was fasinated with it. I love the Space Spiral too. Both rides are unique. Cedar Point used to be unique and classy. That is all gone now. Have you been there lately? Blarring music, a floor show right out of American Idol/Solid gold. A full bar where the Wildcat used to be. I went there a few weeks ago to say goodbye to DT and SS. I am very sad about it and I mean the direction the park has taken. The Frontier Trail is ruined by half-nude wet people, very loud music, and a roller coaster running thru the middle of it. I HATE Cedar Point now. I never thought I would say such a thing.

  3. Gearhart

    I agree the themeing on Disaster Transport was the cheesiest crap I've ever seen in a major park but the ride itself was surprisingly fun for a more family friendly ride. It was also a good break from the sun on a hot day. It was time for DT to go but I'm surprised at the Space Spiral removal, seems they could easily build around it like the woodie coming to CGA.

  4. C18

    I'd personally rather see them tear down Mean Streak. I don't think anyone cares about that ride anymore.

    • The Coaster Critic

      Great point. I hadn't even thought of that. The feedback on that ride is so negative it's astonishing they aren't doing something major to improve it or remove it. And its not just the enthusiasts that don't like it. I wonder what they're thinking with regards to Mean Streak….

      • Prof.BAM

        I'll ask when i'm down there this summer.

      • Swimfreek

        In Cedar Point's deffence, they have done a large amount of retracking on the off season and after rideing it opening day i think it dose feel smoother but it still throws you around a bit like a woodie should.

      • The Coaster Critic

        Thanks for chiming in Swimfreek. It's good to hear that they're doing something. Hopefully others have a similar experience because if they re-tracked it then it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

    • Aric

      Ideally that will happen eventually, as it is a horrible ride, but I think this time around they really wanted something to spruce up the front of the park. After all, at least Mean Streak looks like a good ride, even if it stinks. Disaster Transport is a big ugly box blocking the view of the beach. A new ride will look great there, and Cedar Point could use another people eater B&M.

  5. Mark

    Space Spiral had some redeeming qualities, although Windseeker seems to be the obvious replacement. It did make a nice reference point for the view at the top of the swing on MaxAir …

    Disaster Transport was a credit and a waste of 15 minutes of my life. As some others have speculated, perhaps they'll send it to Dorney Park …

    • Matt

      As much as I hate disaster transport, Dorney really does need an indoor coaster. I've been hoping for an indoor coaster at dorney for so long now. But I was hoping for either an intamin family indoor coaster like skull mountain at SFGAdv or a thrilling launched indoor coaster like flight of fear.

    • Matthew

      What I heard was that they are scrapping Disaster Transport. What harm did it do?!? And no Matt! It was more than “just a big ugly box”!

  6. Matt

    I am very glad to see disaster transport go. It was a very pointless ride. It looked cool, but all I remember from it is some turns and very brief, and like CC said, very cheesy theming. This should definitely be taken out. Space spiral, however, I will miss. I love observation towers, especially the eiffel tower at kings dominion, and there really aren't enough observation towers still around. This had a very good view of the point and lake erie. Observation towers allow non-thrill seekers to get to heights that thrill seekers are at and love, literally. I think it should've wrapped around the space spiral or just had it in the center of the new coaster. It doesn't take up much space horizontally.

  7. Prof.BAM

    I think Disaster Transport could go to Worlds of Fun as a mountain-themed coaster. Maybe olympic themed.

  8. Will

    I really enjoyed Disaster Transport. It was a great place for people who were out in the hot sun to get a relief. Although I remember the top of the lift in that building was very hot anyway. I think despite not having much of a theme (since so many of the things in that building were not kept up with) I think it is an extremely fun ride and something very different from anything I ever rode before. Just the feeling of not being attached to a track but rather rolling in a trench is so cool! Plus I think it looks cool in that area of the park. The Space Spiral isn't that much of a loss. It was great for families or people who don't like extreme rides but Since I LOVE as many Gs and Airtime as possible I wasn't a fan of this slow rising tower. Anyway I hope the replacement ride will be much better then DT.

  9. Justin

    I guess they aren't competing for the most coasters with Magic Mountain anymore since they will be removing a ride to add one.

  10. Kerri O

    I recently went to Cedar Point for the very first time over Memorial day weekend. I can do roller coasters all day, but no spinning rides for this chick. Disaster Transport was an okay coaster, loved all the tunnels! But I really enjoyed the Space Spiral because it's so neat to be able to go on a ride that gives you a birds eye view of the whole park, and Lake Erie. It would be nice if they could relocate the Space Spiral within the park. I absolutely loved Millennium Force and most definitely, The Top Thrill Dragster. What an amazing park! Can't wait to go again!!!

  11. LinaSkye

    I'm actually both sad and excited for the Space Spiral and DT to go. Disaster Transport was cheesy and short, yes, but it was kind of a good transition coaster from high thrill and kiddie. I had a fun time on it. Plus, it IS a rare type of ride, and I don't like to see any of the rarities go. Space Spiral is kind of a blurry memory for me, but I like diversity in a park. One of my greatest complaints about Great Adventure is the lack of flat rides or basically ANYTHING to do other than ride coasters.

    However, I AM super stoked about the wing coaster. Even though I likely wil not get out to Cedar Point again, I'm enjoying seeing these winged beasts popping up more and more.

  12. T. Jay Dexter

    As far as Disaster Transport goes, the actual "Ride" itself was pretty decent. It was the all the "wrapping" around the ride which put the Disaster in Disaster Transport.

    Prior to DT, the ride was outdoors and branded as Avalanche Run for a few years. When they turned it into a "dark ride" in the late 80s, I rode it on Media Day. Back then, there were different parts of a "story" that were being told in the different rooms that the lines/ques/zigzags went through. Over the years, once the "special effects" stopped working, Cedar Point really never repaired or replaced them. The last time I was there a few years ago, most rooms looked like an old, idled warehouse, with most once-moving parts not moving and other areas & former features walled off.

    I had always hoped that CP would have converted the pre-ride sections into a Fun House atmosphere the way their old Fun House used to be, and instead of the spiral slides at the end, you would have the ride. Alas, it never was to be.

    As far as the Space Spiral goes, It would be great if they would relocate it to another part of the park, like they did the Giant Wheel, but my guess is that the ride is pushing 50 years old, if it hasn't surpassed it yet, and parts are probably harder to find with the maintenance costs rising to the point that the ride is not profitable anymore. In fact, the last few times I rode it, it was practically a walk-on ride and only one level of the double deck ride was ever in use.

    BTW, I miss the Tiki Twirl 🙂

  13. John

    I will miss Space Spiral. When I was young I always used to go to Geauga Lake and Cedar Point. Geauga Lake had a similar observation tower, however I was always impressed with the 2 level tower at CP. Lets face it though, the ride is pretty old and they probably don't have the ridership number at a level that makes it worth maintaining every year. I don't know about other parks, but when I worked at CP, they were very strict about keeping accurate ridership numbers every hour, and I think that plays a big part in deciding whether or not a ride stays or goes.


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