How Do You Suit Up for Theme Park Trips?

Are there things that you always have with you when you embark on a theme park trip? I thought about it and there are a few things that I always have with me. My Kodak digital camera has been through a lot. I have to say it’s held up well. I got it for Christmas 2002. It still works, but we have much better cameras now. And, if I don’t think I’ll be taking a lot of pictures my cell’s (Samsung Stratosphere) camera is good enough.

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I used to have a paper notepad and a pen handy for taking down notes about my recent rides. I’d be jotting down notes of the last ride while I’m in the queue for the next one. Now that I’ve got a smartphone, I can record a voice message with my thoughts (Evernote), Tweet out first impressions, or actually write and publish a post right there in the park (WordPress Android App). I haven’t done it much, but last year I published this first image of a teaser stake that Carowinds had placed near Intimidator: Survey Markers for Carowinds’ Rumored 2012 Ride

I’ve worn sandals, but I typically opt for my running shoes. Cargo shorts are another must for my theme park trips. They’re lose fitting, comfortable, and of course they have plenty of pockets for the other gear. I’ve got plenty of theme park t-shirts from my travels over the years and some that I’ve designed myself like the Eat Sleep Ride T-Shirt.

Rambo had his gear and suit up sequence. What’s yours? What do you always have with you for your theme park trips? Let us know below.

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  1. Cade

    Always bring my iPod. It captures good video and pictures, and I always wear athletic shorts and my Cedar Point t-shirt.

  2. Dillon

    I always bring my 16MP digital camera and wear either my Sea World Manta T-Shirt or my Six Flags Coaster Freak T-Shirt.

  3. Matt

    I always make sure to have (or buy) a souvenir cup. Free or low price refills all day! Can't beat that. I also try to wear cargo shorts (especially at six flags parks so I don't have to get lockers!) with the useful pockets. I always bring a bit of cash, like 10 or 20 dollars for food and drink and just in case. I hadn't thought about writing down or recording my reactions to rides, but it sounds like a great idea. I might just do that especially if I start my own coaster related blog.

    • The Coaster Critic

      You should do that. I started my blog so that I could point my friends and family to it when I wanted them to know about theme parks in the area. And, it grew from there. Let me know if you have any questions about getting started.

  4. Gearhart

    Other than cargo shorts and my android phone, I travel as light as possible, comfort while walking around in the heat is all I'm really concerned about. Comfortable walking shoes that air out and dry quickly along with a small ziploc bag for your phone if you're planning on hitting water rides have also been great to have.

    • The Coaster Critic

      The ziploc bag is a good tip that I should incorporate. It's much smarter than having to pay for a locker or just taking your chances with your stuff getting wet.

  5. Jeff

    I wear prescription sunglasses and always wear a waist pack containing my regular glasses and case. When I go on a dark ride or see a show, I can switch glasses and still see indoors. Once the sun sets, I make a permanent switch. I have done this for years.

    My digital camera case has a belt loop that I slide onto the waist pack belt. I also pack my iPod and mobile WiFi hotspot in the waist pack so I can tweet my impressions to myself and friends and/or post to Facebook

    It seems like every year it gets hotter. I have a few Coolmax T-shirts that I wear on the hottest days. I also like Thorlo walking socks which provide a lot of cushion on the feet.

  6. Mike

    I travel light too. Sneakers are must for theme parks… period. Over the years the camera has lost its place on the trips. When our daughter was younger… never left home without it. Now it isn't as critical, at least for us, especially with smart phones around.

  7. LinaSkye

    Cell phone, journal (still prefer to write my thoughts out, and it is where I still keep my coaster count), sunblock, Dramamine, and sometimes my regular digital camera if it is a "special occasion" park (Universal, Disney, my first trip to Cedar Point, soon SFNE for my 100th coaster). I always wear Crocs because they are super comfy, light, antimicrobial, and they dry out in about a second.

  8. John Grabowski

    I put my iPhone in a Mophie juice pack – it doubles battery life and provides hefty protection for the phone.

    Zip-Lok bag is a must. So is sunscreen, sunglasses, and my visor (shade for the face, but open on top so cooler than a baseball cap – plus you can turn it backward and shade the back of your neck).

    Next time, I'm bringing a strap for my sunglasses – they'll let you wear 'em with a strap a lot of times.

  9. John Grabowski

    Almost forgot – my friend had great luck eliminating a fanny pack or other bag by using a bandolier- he said he didn't even have to remove it for rides, and it held everything he needed, including a point- and-shoot digital camera.

  10. Surya

    I always bring a digital camera, a hat with a strap so I can keep it on, sunglasses with a strap, sunscreen, a fanny pack to put away all my stuff and one of my roller coaster t-shirts 🙂

  11. Matt McIrvin

    The things I usually make sure to wear are cargo shorts with zipper/velcro pockets, and a floppy Columbia sun hat that smashes into a pocket more easily than my usual Tilley hat. T-shirt, sneakers and sunblock.

    When I went with my kid to Story Land in NH, I wore the Tilley and just used the chin strap when I was on rides, but I don't know if I'd trust that on a fast ride with real airtime. (A kid in front of me somehow lost his hat on the Story Land Polar Coaster while it was still sitting in the station.)

    I don't carry a separate camera because it'd be one more thing to deal with when going on rides; I do have an Android phone with a not-very-good built-in camera, but it's fine for park pictures on sunny days. Everything loose, including my glasses, goes in the cargo shorts pockets when I'm on a coaster. It saves a lot of time and hassle, and possibly some poor ride op's life.

    If I'm going to Canobie Lake I bring some quarters to blow on the pinball machines, now that I know which ones aren't too broken to play. Swimsuit and towel if we're doing Castaway Island.

    I probably should bring some Band-Aids. The last time I went to Canobie, my daughter got a tiny scrape on her foot and got sufficiently upset about it that we ended up at the first-aid station to get her one.

  12. Crystal

    I'm a fan of traveling light, and I don't have good cargo shorts (and I'm female). I bring a small pouch that hangs around my neck and can be secured beneath my shirt during rides. It contains: debit card, a little bit of cash, my cell phone, and my car key separate from the rest of my keys. I usually suck it up and leave my sunglasses behind. With this system, I never have to worry about juggling loose articles!

    I'll wear a t-shirt, shorts, and comfy tennis shoes. I usually avoid getting wet, but if I know I will be, I bring an extra change of clothes and leave it in the car.

  13. Melanie

    My best friend Aimee (she’s my coaster buddie) money tampons my cell phone and iPod touch.

  14. Marcia

    Since I’m always just at the park with my family, I never take ANYTHING into the park. (I don’t want to bother carrying/losing things.;))
    I wear my sandals that happen to be more comfy than sneakers with shorts and a shirt. And hair goes in a ponytail or braid-hair down is just annoying and makes you hot waiting in line. Whatever you do, if you’re a girl, DON’T WEAR A DRESS OR SKIRT! I’ve seen lots of people either get turned away or if they do ride, they end up showing stuff that’s not meant to be seen.:P

    Usually my parents just take some money, credit card, car keys, & phone into the park.


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