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What’s Your Trusty Theme Park Gear?

How Do You Suit Up for Theme Park Trips?

Are there things that you always have with you when you embark on a theme park trip? I thought about it and there are a few things that I always have with me. My Kodak digital camera has been through a lot. I have to say it’s held up well. I got it for Christmas 2002. It still works, but we have much better cameras now. And, if I don’t think I’ll be taking a lot of pictures my cell’s (Samsung Stratosphere) camera is good enough.

Trusty Theme Park Software

I used to have a paper notepad and a pen handy for taking down notes about my recent rides. I’d be jotting down notes of the last ride while I’m in the queue for the next one. Now that I’ve got a smartphone, I can record a voice message with my thoughts (Evernote), Tweet out first impressions, or actually write and publish a post right there in the park (WordPress Android App). I haven’t done it much, but last year I published this first image of a teaser stake that Carowinds had placed near Intimidator: Survey Markers for Carowinds’ Rumored 2012 Ride

I’ve worn sandals, but I typically opt for my running shoes. Cargo shorts are another must for my theme park trips. They’re lose fitting, comfortable, and of course they have plenty of pockets for the other gear. I’ve got plenty of theme park t-shirts from my travels over the years and some that I’ve designed myself like the Eat Sleep Ride T-Shirt.

Rambo had his gear and suit up sequence. What’s yours? What do you always have with you for your theme park trips? Let us know below.