New Ride - Pipe Scream - Cedar Point 2014After a World-record setting wing coaster in GateKeeper, it’s only natural that Cedar Point’s going to focus on families for 2014. The park will be adding two new flat rides in Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles. They’ll also be relocating and re-theming a few kiddie rides.

Appropriately, Cedar Point had the Faile family announce the 2014 plans:

A Coaster-ish Flat Ride

Pipe Scream is a flat ride designed by Zamperla known as a “Skater Coaster”. While it is not technically a roller coaster, these Disk’O flat rides are a lot of fun. I’ve encountered them at Waldameer, Dollywood, and Silver Dollar City. I’m still hoping that we get one at my hope park, Carowinds. In the round disc-shaped versions I’ve ridden you can get some fun airtime at the top end of the half pipes. This larger version with a hill in the middle could add even another pop of air.

A Thrill Ride in Disguise?

Don’t let Lake Erie Eagles fool you. This unassuming ride can be either a nice gentle swing ride or a wild aerial swoopfest. The cool thing about these flying scooter rides is that it’s up to you. Riders control the flight path of the vehicles with a paddle. I gained a new-found respect for these rides a few years ago at Carowinds’ Coaster Stock Event. I witnessed master “pilots” doing some pretty cool stuff. Read a full review of m experience with a similar ride: CoasterStock Recap & My Intro to Flyers

Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles are two of my favorite flat rides, so I’m liking what Cedar Point has in store for 2014. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

More at Cedar Point’s 2014 page.

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  1. ethan

    Honestly, I was a tiny bit disapointed. I was hoping a dark ride would go into CP *cough* Wonder Mountain’s Guardian *cough* but I like the new family flat rides. I think pipe scream is a good fit. I was suprised to hear that Cedar Point didn’t have a flying scooter ride yet. My home park is also Carowinds and I haven’t been on Woodstock Gliders since it was still Danny Phantom’s Flyers. I was hoping to ride it the last time I went which was September 1st, but it started raining and there were visible strikes of lightning. Since it will be closed for SCarowinds (which is the only time I imagine I could go again), I’ll have to wait until 2014. I hope Carowinds has a dark ride in the book for 2014 *cough* Wonder Mountain’s Guardian *cough* that would go along with the waterslides. Anyways I hope Cedar Point can still get the dark ride they were planning on *cough* Wonder Mountain’s Guardian *cough* because a dark ride is what CP has been missing.

    • Joel Bullock

      Thanks for sharing Ethan. I’ll have a post about it up soon. I sure would like to see one of these flat rides come to Carowinds since Cedar Fair seems to like them.

    • Garrett

      I think that the area has some great theming going for it too. I bet that if these two areas turn out successful, then I think these things will start popping up in many other Cedar Fair parks too. (Hoping for one of these to pop up at Worlds of Fun too.)

  2. John

    I’m a little disappointed but being able to follow GateKeeper the next year with another big ride I didn’t see happening. I thought a re track of mean streak to make it like a New Texas Giant could’ve happened. But cedar point did add things for the families which was needed. I hope next year they do something associated with a roller coaster.

  3. John

    What is disappointing is that Cedar Point hypes up their announcements so much that people almost expect some new colossal ride is going to be built. Then, they get hotel improvements (which mean nothing to those on a day visit), a kiddy coaster modification, a kiddy (froghopper) retheme, and two small rides that are nowhere near groundbreaking.
    On top of this, they are mysteriously quiet about Shoot the Rapids and Skyhawk, which were down most of 2012 but highly hyped just a few years ago.


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