Cedar Point announced their 18th roller coaster in Valravn yesterday. Many of the details were already known, but here they are in cased you missed it. With a layout similar to popular dive coasters, Griffon and SheiKra, Valravn will start with a climb to a 200+ foot height (223 feet).

Then riders will creep up to the 90-degree drop and will be held at the edge for four seconds. They’ll take the record-setting 214-foot plunge, reach speeds of 75 mph (another record), and traverse three inversions (yet another record for this type of roller coaster). Here’s the ride’s compact layout:

Valravn Roller Coaster - Layout - Cedar Point

And here’s an video of what we can expect from Valravn:

Read more about dive coasters.

What’s Your Take?
Valravn will open at Cedar Point in 2016. How do you think Valravn looks? Leave a comment below.

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  1. CoDAce

    Cedar Point needs a standout wooden coaster more than this disappointment. This doesn’t fix any holes in the park’s ride lineup that a GCI would fill. I’ve never been there myself (yet) but there’s still a place for the traditional wooden coaster in major parks, and there’s an easy name pick for this, Cyclone, in 1929 Cedar Point opened their first major roller coaster the Cyclone, a Harry G. Traver made ride (according to RCDB), who I should mention is one of the two people who inspired GCI in the first place.

    This is my proposed GCI for this spot In perspective to this mistake the station would be between the lift hill and station but more on the lift side. The ride itself would be in the 140-150ish foot tall mark.

    1. turn to the right out of station into pre-lift (not sure about this part exactly)
    2. lift hill
    3. main drop spirals to the right and ducks under lift at about a 200ish-degree angle
    4. GCI style banked hill to the left with station dive-under with right turn (a tunnel at this point)
    5. sweeping GCI style turnaround to the right
    6. GCI style hill with banking turn to the right under hill mentioned above and over brake run
    7. hill loosely based off of Fury 325’s first hill (off of lift on Fury, without overbanking)
    8. the second sweeping GCI style turnaround to the left (around immelmen area)
    9. GCI style hill with incline having turn to left and dives over path with a banked turn to the right at the bottom
    10. sweeping turnaround to the right with station fly-through and drop that ends up parallel to hill after first turnaround
    11. Prior & Church style turnaround to the left around the second turnaround (http://rcdb.com/485.htm#p=526 something similar to what the train is in)
    12. hill with a strait incline on the way up over the bottom of main drop into a sweeping drop to the right that exits parallel to lift hill
    13. hill into a spiraling drop to the right around the main drop that exits under previous hill, and parallel to main drop
    14. incline into brake run with a twisting turn to the left

    Any thoughts on this ride when compared to Valravn.

    The other issues that I have with this ride is that it brings nothing new to the table for Cedar Point, Rogarou is already a floorless coaster and Maverick has a drop similar to something that you’d find on a dive coaster (beyond-vertical), so IMHO this doesn’t add anything to the park while they still lack a standout wooden coaster. IMHO this is the first major mistake that Cedar Point has made.

    • Joel

      I’m not crazy about this pick for a new coaster for CP either. I get it though. It’s a safe, reliable choice that gives them some minor records they can tout.

      And i agree that they could definitely use a standout wooden coaster, but I would really like to see them return to their old form and do something that really pushes the limits like they did years ago.

      Maybe now that they’ve earned the perception as the coaster capital they don’t have to build a 500 footer or break the sound barrier.

    • Mark

      The Gemini and the Blue Streak are still there. I have probably been on the Gemini 100 times and it is still my favorite wooden coaster.

      The Valravn is fun, but my favorite is still the Millenium Force.

    • anikin

      100% true cedar point needs a grate wooden coaster blue streak is good but its only got maybe 10 years on it and valravn is good but not as fun as it looks its kinda lame and you fell like your going to die half way in the ride and my mom had a headache because of the high g-force on it and the restraints hurt on the drop.

  2. Susan

    We’re planning our third trip to Cedar Point for August 2016 and are really looking forward to riding our first ‘dive coaster’. Decent roller coasters are few and far between here in Australia, there are more at Cedar Point than in our whole country!!

  3. Rich

    Cedar Points need a standout wooden coaster you say? They have one it’s called Mean Streak!

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  4. DRU

    I have mixed feelings.
    I thought Griffon was way better than it looks. Especially for such a short ride. It never disappoints and there are super positives to each row. IE; front row deadly dangle over edge or way better air in back row, or perfect mix in middle. Also super fun way out on edges.
    That being said I agree with Ben If they fixed Meanstreak with one of these new makeovers it would be “Freakin AWESOME!”

  5. Michael

    I think I will like this one better than Griffon and Sheikra. However I didn’t think Cedar Point choose to do this. I think they could have RMC’d Mean Streak and turn it in to Twisted Streak. Adding a New Dive Coaster wouldn’t be possible cause Cedar Point has some roller coasters were your feet dangle like rougarou, Raptor, Gatekeeper, and Wicked Twister and coasters with amazing drops so.
    I don’t think this is possible. But like I said I will still like this one better than griffon and sheikra.

  6. DeReu

    I am biased. I know. Both by my preference of B&M coasters and Dive Coasters generally. So for me it’s more than ok. In a year or two I’ll be in CP to enjoy it. 🙂

  7. Eric

    2016 is off to a great start. Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom is finally open. Mako at SeaWorld Orlando is scheduled to open on June 10. No word yet on the opening dates for other much anticipated 2016 coasters. Lightning Rod at Dollywood is temporarily delayed, to ensure the LSM launch system is working properly… hopefully sometime in May we’ll see it debut. Still waiting for Valravn at Cedar Point, Cobra’s Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa, The Joker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (and Great Adventure, which was originally named Total Mayhem), Gale Force at Playland’s Castaway Cove, Phobia Phear Coaster at Lake Compounce, and others to open.

    With 2017, so far Busch Gardens Williamsburg has announced Invadr… and that list is expected to grow, when Six Flags and Cedar Fair parks make their announcements later this year.

  8. bob

    If you never been to Cedar point, then you really do not know what you are talking about, born and raised in ohio, now in Florida, I some coasters there come and go. Wooden especially. The mean streak was probably the roughest coaster I EVER ridden, fast and ricketty andit really whipped you especially in the rear. Nothing wrong with Gemini still a good coaster, but steel coasters like Iron Dragon and the lame corkscrew could be replaced… Bring back the Jumbo Jet…

  9. Chase

    Agree, the mean streak is a ricketty fast coaster.The longest coaster in the park. CP has to keep the Gemini still a good racing coaster.These coasters are needed to introduction to thrill rides. Unfortunately I had to ride Irion Dragon with a young rider over& over. Not my favorite. Corkscrew is so short the ride doesn’t offer anything but it is picturesque over the midway. The 3 sodden coasters have little to no lines. Valraven lines are2 hr easy. CP needs to add the rides that bring people.


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