Cedar Point’s New Valravn Dive Roller Coaster

Cedar Point announced their 18th roller coaster in Valravn yesterday. Many of the details were already known, but here they are in cased you missed it. With a layout similar to popular dive coasters, Griffon and SheiKra, Valravn will start with a climb to a 200+ foot height (223 feet).

Then riders will creep up to the 90-degree drop and will be held at the edge for four seconds. They’ll take the record-setting 214-foot plunge, reach speeds of 75 mph (another record), and traverse three inversions (yet another record for this type of roller coaster). Here’s the ride’s compact layout:

Valravn Roller Coaster - Layout - Cedar Point

And here’s an video of what we can expect from Valravn:

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What’s Your Take?
Valravn will open at Cedar Point in 2016. How do you think Valravn looks? Leave a comment below.