Animals, Melted Cheese, a Wacky Professor, and New Hotel Options

Cedar Point guests may have been surprised by some of the changes they saw throughout last year with the removal of the Intamin-manufactured Shoot the Rapids ride and the dismantling of the former Challenge Park. Gone were the mini-golf, go-kart track, and Skyscraper ride, making way for Cedar Park Shores.Cedar Point - Frontier Fling 2

Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling
Meanwhile, Ripcord, the Skycoaster ride remained standing but not operating on the peninsula. For 2017, Ripcord was moved to a new location now occupying the still-themed land formerly home to Shoot the Rapids. Renamed Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling, this up-charge ride features a thrilling flight through the skies of Frontier Town. The ride’s theming is capped by Professor Delbert Fernstein himself atop his wacky flying contraption that guests may remember from another past Cedar Point ride, the Paddleboat Excursions. Professor Delbert, a whimsical animatronic construction, continuously struggles to take off with his woefully odd contraption and makes light of the thrills for guests who choose to brave the 152 foot tall attraction.

Melt Bar & Grilled Now at Cedar Point
Further changes for 2017 include the new restaurant Melt Bar & Grilled which has opened where the Joe Cool Café was formerly located off the Main Midway. Melt has been a haven for Ohioans who desire enticing and cheesy food comforts, and this is their ninth location. Melt’s toasty popularity has led the franchise to expand out of Northeast Ohio and has been featured on food-oriented TV shows like Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and Man vs. Food. The Sandusky Register has more here.Melt Bar Grilled - Cedar Point - Restaurant

Hotel Breakers
Fortunately, those guests who may desire a nap after conquering a giant grilled-cheese sandwich can take respite at the historic Hotel Breakers which was freshly and beautifully renovated in 2016. Nearby, a new water tower is now functioning and will certainly help the operations of an entirely new tower being added to Breakers. Construction for that addition is well underway and will add 158 available hotel rooms for the 2018 season.

The Barnyard
Looking once more to Frontier Town, the charming petting zoo named The Barnyard has also been expanded for 2017. There is now room for additional animal exhibits and we have some new furry friends including camels and yaks. The Barnyard is run in partnership with Honey Hill Farm and is patrolled by two large turkeys whom do not seem to think much of the actual boundaries of the attraction.

2017 Should be a Great Year

I was very pleased to see all the work that’s been done for 2017. I believe Cedar Point Shores will be a great success and helps to enhance the park’s flagship status. The new slides looked amazing and pleasant to the eye and if I had kids, I would love to see them play while watching from a comfortable cabana with a drink (and enough distance from the splashing).

Being a roller coaster enthusiast, seeing RMC track transforming Mean Streak was extremely exciting and I took several trips on the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad to view it as close as possible. The elements of the ride that have already been completed look amazing and the thoughts of negative Gs and crazy turns & drops should make anyone who gazes upon the structure return next year to give it a go once it’s complete.

The other updates and changes for 2017 should be a hit. I’m always happy to see Ohio businesses expand and I’m sure I will at some point become cheese-drunk at Melt Bar & Grilled this summer. The Barnyard looked great and I do love our furry friends so the more the merrier. Nearby, Professor Delbert cracked me up as I’d forgotten how goofy-looking he is. The deck where guests used to be able to pay-up to ambush Shoot the Rapids riders with geysers is perfect for relaxing while watching your loved-ones or complete strangers alike take a flight.

In case you missed it, read part 1 of my trip report here: Mean Streak Update & Cedar Point Shores

What’s Your Take?
So let me know what excites you the most! Are you someone who checks the park’s webcams for any sight of new Mean Streak construction? Do you prefer to spend a hot day in the water or on the rails? What do you think of the new drop-capsule slides? Will you challenge your stomach with an enormous grilled-cheese? What did I miss? Is there more going on or anything else you noticed that’s new in the park?

Photo Credits: Images 1 & 2 – John Patterson

About The Author

John is a proud Clevelander, and lifelong fan of roller coasters and amusement parks.

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  1. Bobbie Butterfield

    Good report! I almost envy you living in Cleveland. Haven’t been to Cedar Point in years b/c the 3 times I went it was too much of a mob scene. I waited 2 1/2 hrs. to ride Millennium Force and that is simply too long. Thought about going back a year or so ago when Frontier Airlines was offering a $40 fare from Philly to Cleveland but they’ve now discontinued service from PHL to CLE. Oh noes!

    • John

      The long lines can definitely be killer! Saving up to try and get a fast pass is nice but it is very expensive. I try to take off work sometimes during the week so I can go when it’s not insanely busy. That’s a bummer about that flight being cancelled! Seems like it was an awesome deal as from Philly, then you can easily get around the east coast by rail too.

  2. James

    Im going midweek next week for the first time, any idea as to how packed it will be? Since I have 2 days at the park I should be able to cover everything, I just dont wanna spend the money on FastLane if I dont have to.

    • John

      Hi James. You may want to check the park’s calendar to be sure there are not any special events or private reservations (every once in the while the entire park gets reserved by a large company for their employees), but you are generally pretty safe midweek. 2 days should be enough for you to get a ride in on everything, even if some have a bit of a line. I recommend trying to hit Maverick and Top Thrill Dragster first (in that order) as they are more likely to go down. The park builds up at the front first so if you head straight to the back to Maverick, that can help. If you decide as you get closer, that you are going to purchase Fast Lane, do it online as much ahead of time as you can, for the greatest discounts. Cheers!

      • James

        Hey man thanks for the tips! Ended up being a great visit and I got on everything. Craziest part was Top Thrill Dragster being closed all day the first day, and almost all of the second, opening up 1 minute before the 10:00 PM closing time. Definitely look forward to going back again (hopefully next year for RMC Mean Streak)

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