Orion Giga Coaster - Kings Island 2020
Orion Flies Through a Banked Hill

Orion Giga Coaster Announced for Kings Island | 2020 Roller Coasters

In 2020, Kings Island will launch its 15th roller coaster with its tallest yet, Orion. On this new steel coaster, riders will be lifted to a height of 287 feet only to plummet down a 300-foot drop. With a drop this large, Orion will join the ranks of the rare, sky-scraping giga roller coasters. It will feature 5,321 feet of track and reach speeds of 91 mph.

Orion Teaser Video

What to Expect on Kings Island’s Orion

Kings Islands fans have already been treated to the smoothness and speed of a Bolliger & Mabillard creation in their hyper coaster Diamondback. For Orion, they can expect much of the same smoothness and rideability, but with a more powerful punch of g-forces; especially at the bottom of those hills. By looking at its layout, Orion looks to follow the same “high speed and turns” formula as other recent giga coasters like the popular Fury 325 at my home park, Carowinds.

So we can expect more g-forces (downward pressure) at certain points, but still a smooth and enjoyable ride. Those stomach dropping ups and downs of Diamondback will be swapped out with some fun and thrilling banked turns.

Orion POV Video

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What’s Your Take?
What do you think of the addition of Orion? Are you excited about this roller coaster or would you have preferred a different type?