New Griffon Construction Photos from Busch Gardens is on top of the Griffon’s development in the off-season. In case you haven’t heard, Busch Gardens Europe (formerly BG Williamsburg), is building the U.S.’s second diving coaster and the park’s first coaster in seven years. It will be similar to SheiKra at Busch’s sister park in Tampa, FL. Griffon will offer two inversions (loops) to SheiKra’s one and it will boast the tallest drop on a dive coaster at 205′. Check out the Griffon construction photos.

For official ride information and virtual ride and press conference videos go to Busch Gardens Europe’s official Griffon page.

**Update** Busch has created a mini-site just for the Griffon. Check it out at Also, check out this onride POV roller coaster video for a virtual ride on Griffon:

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