Son of Beast Loses Loop & Title

The World’s Only Looping
Wooden Coaster Will Be No More

After the accident on the Son of Beast last year that injured dozens of people, new Kings Island owner Cedar Fair has decided to remove the Son of Beast’s sole vertical loop. For King’s Island fans this is still much better than the complete removal of the coaster. But, Son of Beast will loose it’s title as the world’s only looping wooden coaster. Thanks to a stinking, snowy day (in APRIL!) I never got the chance to ride Son of Beast, so I can’t really chime in on what the loop or the entire ride is like.

The consensus in the coaster enthusiast community is that the Son of Beast is an ultra-rough, abomination. It’s massive in terms of height and speed (for a wooden coaster) and the loop seems to be added for the mere sake of marketing. Purists, especially woodie fans, would argue that wooden coasters don’t need loops even if it is possible. All of the height and speed don’t amount to much, but a really rough and intense ride. I’ve rarely seen “fun” in a Son of Beast review. Alas, I don’t have first-hand experience.

Meanwhile, in Switzerland, Intamin quietly begins working on a looping wooden coaster. With the incredible smoothness of their prefabricated wooden coasters, like El Toro, they could pull it off if any designers could. I’m sure some park will want to take the crown at some point in the future even if it’s an unnatural marriage of steel and wooden coaster qualities.

What do you think of the Son of Beast’s de-looping?

Photo courtesy of bdougherty