Six Flags St. Louis Gets Tony Hawk Coaster

Six Flags Spins off Another Big Spin Coaster
Six Flags St. Louis will get a Tony Hawk’s Big Spin roller coaster. From all accounts it appears that it will be a clone of the coaster by the same name that’s being constructed at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Both of these coasters will probably be similar to Mr. Six’s Pandemonium at Six Flags New England. They are family coasters designed by Gerstlauer. They feature spinning cars and a more fun than intense ride, similar to wild mouse coasters.

It’s good to see quality next generation family coasters. The majority of new coaster designs and types these days, especially steel, have been among the thrill ride variety. After I rode Mr. Six’s Pandemonium I knew that Gerstlauer had a winner. The Big Spins should be great additions at both parks.

Check out the press release and virtual ride video.

What do you think of the Tony Hawk Big Spin coasters? Do you think the parks should have added something else? Leave a comment below.