World’s Worst Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters at the Bottom of Mitch’s Poll
It looks like I’m not alone in my disdain and disappointment for the Mean Streak at Cedar Point and the Predator at Darien Lake. Out of the 179 wooden roller coasters on Mitch’s Poll, Mean Streak ranked 171st and Predator ranked 173rd.

Psyclone, which was recently removed from Six Flags Magic Mountain, came in at 178th, just missing the title of worst wooden roller coaster. That honor went to Great America’s Grizzly. Another coaster that has been in the news lately, Son of Beast, ranked a pitiful 176th. Maybe the removal of the loop by Cedar Fair will be a good move for the coaster. The lowest ranked steel coasters weren’t quite as interesting.

One coaster of note was one of the few water coasters in existance. Dive to Atlantis, a water coaster at Mt. Olympus theme park, was ranked 334th out of 337. When I was at Mt. Olympus it was closed, but I have heard that the queue times were usually pretty long and the payoff wasn’t really there.

What’s Your Take?
Have you ridden any of these low ranking coasters? What are some of the worst roller coasters you’ve ever ridden? Leave a comment below.