Roller Coasters at the Bottom of Mitch’s Poll
It looks like I’m not alone in my disdain and disappointment for the Mean Streak at Cedar Point and the Predator at Darien Lake. Out of the 179 wooden roller coasters on Mitch’s Poll, Mean Streak ranked 171st and Predator ranked 173rd.

Psyclone, which was recently removed from Six Flags Magic Mountain, came in at 178th, just missing the title of worst wooden roller coaster. That honor went to Great America’s Grizzly. Another coaster that has been in the news lately, Son of Beast, ranked a pitiful 176th. Maybe the removal of the loop by Cedar Fair will be a good move for the coaster. The lowest ranked steel coasters weren’t quite as interesting.

One coaster of note was one of the few water coasters in existance. Dive to Atlantis, a water coaster at Mt. Olympus theme park, was ranked 334th out of 337. When I was at Mt. Olympus it was closed, but I have heard that the queue times were usually pretty long and the payoff wasn’t really there.

What’s Your Take?
Have you ridden any of these low ranking coasters? What are some of the worst roller coasters you’ve ever ridden? Leave a comment below.

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  1. mike

    Rode Mean Streak early this season, my worst coaster experience ever. I had a splitting headache for the rest of the day, and felt very ill at the end of the ride. And I never have motion sickness problems. Huge dissapointment during my first trip tot he point

  2. Matthew

    When i was a little kid, i went on this wooden coaster and im sorry i totally forgot the name of it, and it was terrible. I had a headache for the rest of the day. And i just hated the ride where your busy fighting of the pain instead of enjoying the ride

  3. Etienne

    I liked the mean streak. Maybe it's beacause I hate having airtime without some BM- or Intamin-esque restrain firmly maintaining me on my seat, but still. It was cool, just, going around in that big wooden structure, with turns, dips, things like that… Let's say I know how to appreciate non-extreme coasters…

    For the shaking, well, in the youghts of my coaster fan life, while I was fearing like pest any kind of airtime, I rode Vekoma's serial murders… Uh, coasters, those with a load of headbagning, shaking, rattling, and all -ings…

    So yeah, a little time relaxing in a cozy seat.

  4. caleb

    Son of Beast is actually great if you are in the very front seat. If not its hell. I didn't think that Mean Streak was bad either. I would place both ahead of the Racer and Blue Streak.

    Collossus at SFMM is the worst woodie Ive been on. The trim breaks after every hill make for an extremely boring ride.

  5. Mark

    you are a freaking idiot, Mean Streak is one of the best wooden rides in the NA! son of beast 2 but not so much without the loop. you seroiusly cant rate coasters.

  6. roger

    i just got back from cedar point and i can say without a doubt i still hate mean streak, its ridiculously rough to the point that its painful to ride. i rode the damn thing this past monday and here it is saturday now and im still in pain from it, if they'd just figure a way to smooth the ride out it'd probably be great. but as it sits now im surprised they havent been sued over any injuries connected to it. personally, id like to see it come down and have something better put in its place, woody or otherwise, just seems to be a huge waste of space considering you can walk right on to the thing now without waiting. it wouldnt hurt my feelings to see it go.

  7. XYZ

    I ride the Grizzly weekly at Great America, and it is far from being the worst wooden coaster. In my opinion, the Demon and Vortex are much worse than the Grizzly. I actually enjoy Grizzly more than Santa Cruz's Giant Dipper. Even though, the Grizzly has no airtime, the whole thing about the Grizzly is speed. It is a perfect coaster for raising your hands and having the wind going through it for periods well over 10 seconds. The speed is high for most of the ride because there is no major hills in the middle part of the coaster (except for the lift hill). Some of my friends enjoy Grizzly more than Flight Deck/Top Gun. The Grizzly is not that rough, it's not very smooth, it's in the middle which I think is very good because you don't want a very smooth woodie, then it doesn't feel like a woodie, and you don't want a rough woodie because it is unenjoyable. I seen kids that are just over 48"(height requirement) that love this coaster and like to be tossed around.

    Grizzly is one of my favorite rides in the park and it's good that it's no longer the world's worst wooden coaster but "demoted" to America's worst wooden coaster. (Anaconda at Walygator Parc in Europe is now the worst)

  8. Thomas

    I'm surprised no one's mentioned any of Vekoma's SLC's. One of them, The Mind Eraser @ Six Flags New England has got to be one of the worst rides I've ever been on.

  9. Coaster Rider

    My worst experience at a roller coaster ever was on the Shock Wave at Kings Dominion, the ride makes you stand up, which is on some rides a good thing but on the Shockwave it is horrible when I got off the ride my lower back was hurting and during the ride my whole body hurt. It not only had the weirdest seat belt, but it also has no neck support, so after the ride your whole body hurts.

  10. Grace

    The 2 worst roller coasters I have ever been on are both at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. The names of the coasters are Rolling Thunder and El Toro. Rolling Thunder was the worst, by the end of it I had a terrible headache and backache because the ride is so bumpy I had to leave the park since I felt so horrible and sick. El Toro was also horrible since I got terrible whip lash and my neck was all screwed up and again I had to leave the park, BTW these are both wooden roller coasters.

  11. Adam

    By far, the Wildcat at Hershey. Too much jarring and shaking makes this wooden coaster very painful. When I got off, I was having chest pain and a headache. Hershey Park needs to “re-wood” the Wildcat. Also, the Racer at Kings Island is pretty painful.

  12. Tricia

    Just returned from Beech Bend in Bowling Green, KY. Supposedly just finished huge reno. Kentucky Rumbler is a wooden coaster. It seemed it wasn’t working at first. No lines, and very few people riding it. As my friend and our daughters observed it, it looked fun. Not too big, no huge drops to scare the kids, no upside-downs. What could be bad? Thankfully our kids convinced me and my friend to go first before the kids….. We went up that firs till full of ourselves – hands up, whoo-hooing it up! Certain this was going to be great experience. Then, well, all went downhill. Roughest ride ever. I flew out of my seat about a dozen times – and I’m not tiny. My elbow is bruised, swollen and battered. My friend and I cussed the entire time. I have never felt I was going to die on a coaster. Today felt the day….. Those in front of us and benind us… cussing…. “That WAS rough”. NOBODY getting back on after riding (the sign of the best coasters!). DON’T DO IT. Go for the chill waterpark and the other regular carnival-type rides. But not the coaster!!


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