Infusion @ Black Pool Pleasure Beach

Infusion - Black Pool Pleasure Beach - Vekoma CoasterInfusion | Black Pool’s New-ish Coaster Goes for Water Record?

Like Wipeout, 2007 will bring another new-ish coaster to the Brits as Black Pool will open Infusion. Black Pool Pleasure Beach is located in the UK and is home to the famous Arrow hyper coaster Pepsi Max Big One. Infusion is a Vekoma inverted coaster that was formerly Traumatizer at Pleasureland South Port. Vekoma SLC’s are looping coasters where riders are suspended below the track. There are more than two dozen of this particular model in the world.

Infusion has a fresh, bright blue paint job and a nice twist for the marketing department. Infusion will be the world’s first suspended looping coaster (SLC) completely over water. On Infusion’s web site there’s a video of the ride’s construction. It looks like its really cramed in there and reminds me of Great Nor’Easter at Morey’s Piers, another Vekoma SLC on a beach. I’m not sure if the fact Infusion is over water will add a whole lot to the ride, but it’s better than just a straight relocation.

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