Maverick + Delayed = Thousands Weep

Maverick Roller Coaster - Cedar PointCedar Point Delays Maverick’s Opening
Sad news came out of Sandusky this week for all of those CP Fanatics. Maverick, the park’s 17th rollercoaster won’t be opening on time. Based on the test runs, the ride’s designers have decided that three sections of steel track need to be replaced. As a result, Maverick’s opening has been pushed back to early June.

Thousands of enthusiasts and average park-goers were likely planning visits to Cedar Point for May just to experience this pretty unique coaster. On the bright side, it should be open for the majority of the summer. Also, it’s better that it opens late and runs correctly. The last thing Cedar Point wants is their brand new attraction to be a painful or uncomfortable experience. Be patient all you CP fanboys.

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