Top 3 Disney Roller Coasters
Disney’s not known for its roller coasters. Disney theme parks are more centered around the atmosphere, theming, and the whole “Disney experience.” They’re packed with flat rides, kiddie rides, family attractions, shows, but they’re not so well-known for their roller coasters. At least not among hardcore enthusiasts. This is why I write very little about Disney news and won’t be visiting a park until my daughter is old enough to enjoy one.

No disrespect to Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and their many clones but, this week I’ll be counting down the best roller coasters (for enthusiasts) that Mickey has to offer.

3 – Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney MGM Studios
Maybe the developers of the new Hard Rock Park rode Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and saw something they could capitalize on. R’n’R is an indoor launch coaster that boasts five audio scores synchronized to the ride and played through a 32,000 watt audio system with over 900 speakers . To see the layout of the track check out this image of Xpress at Walibi World, according to RCDB its identical.

2 – California Screamin’ at Disney’s California Adventures
California Screamin’ is a steel launch coaster that looks like a pretty unique ride. It’s got a circuit that’s the second longest in the U.S. (after Millennium Force), a launch, a loop, covered hills, and its designed to look like a wooden coaster. Its 46th on Mitch’s Coaster poll and it looks like a lot of fun. Check out this onride video of California Screamin’.

1 – Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom
With a $100 million dollar price tag Expedition Everest was one of the most anticipated roller coasters to debut last year. I have to give Disney props for E.E., not only is it heavy on theming with a 200-plus foot massive mountain, but it’s got an innovative design that features a mid-course switch track and reverse section. There’s also several encounters with a yeti.

Check out this onride coaster video of Expedition Everest:

What’s Your Take?
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  1. Davin

    Expedition Everest is fun but I'd put Rock 'N' Roller Coaster and California Screamin' ahead of it. Rock 'N' Roller Coaster is my favorite of all time!

  2. Matthew

    Disney World isnt supossed to be a roller coaster heaven. They have a few roller coasters. But the main rides they have there are there 4d rides and there simulator rides. But the one thing i have to say about every ride at Disney World is…every ride has so much theming. Now i LOVE themed rides. They bring alot of energy and exitement in the rides. Thats why i like Disney World alot. They have little thrill rides, but they have niced themed rides that tell storys and thats what Disney Worlds all about

  3. Quil

    I`d say test track is deserving of being up there, even thoughit isn`t actualy a coaster

  4. JaMeS

    im goin to ride everest for the first time on the 25th so ill give a little mini review

    • Quil

      First time? I thought someone from florida would visit Disney world more often. Actualy, i rode it o the 23rd of september in 2oo7 at aroung 2:30 in the afternoon, I`m not joking.

  5. JaMeS

    i will try to upload my pics from AK, MGM, AndBG later, but now, heres the reviews:

    So, we started off at BG, and of course we head to Montu. We run in front of everybody, and get there, then its closed for at least 20 min. By then, everyone is there. So, when the gates ope, we are supposed to be first, but ended up on the 5th train for the front. It was still the best ride of the day though.

    After that, we went over to the Scorpion and Cheetah Chase. We did the Scorpion in the front too, and was actually alot of fun (except in the end). Then, the Cheetah Chase. It was like a 30 minute wait! But, we all promised ourselves we would ride all the coasters, so there was a choice: now, or never. We chose now. It turned out to only be about 10 min., and was packed with some extra zip today.

    Next on our list WAS Sheikra, but we went to Kumba. My friend won't go on the front of it, so we chose to go on the back. It is not as smooth as I remember, but still lots of fun. We rode 3 or 4 times, then headed to Sheikra.

    Sheikra, was, as always, LONG. We got on in about 40 min., and it felt like after the drop, we took a turn, and it was over. I never liked it, but we had to. I told my friend who had never been to BG before to go in the splash zone, cause you never get wet. That was one of many pranks today, though that wasn't much of one.

    The next 3 were the worst. First, we rode the brand new Air Grover, and we waited 30 min. with, scream, yelling, and crying 2 year olds with no A/C. Yeah, lots of fun. But, the ride op took us to the front, so that is at least a start.Heres the idea: climb the hill, go down, figure 8, and then its over. yeah lots of fun.

    pt. 2 coming l8r!

    • JaMeS

      pt. 2-

      After that, we went to Gwazi then left.


      First, a shuttle picked us up from our hotel (the Omni at Champions Gate), and we arrived at about 815. We walked to the entrance, and let us in early. My group ran to Toy Story, while I went and got Fast Passes for Rockin Roller Coaster. I met up w/ them and discovered that they were outside the building still, with a 40 min. wait. And we were there 4 min. after it opened! We waited, and was worth it. In this shooter, you put on 3-Dglasses, and shoot with a pull back ball instead of a trigger. It was amazing! And the line was nothing short of the best queue ive ever been in! (yes, even better than Manta).

      Our Fast Pass was still about an hour away, so we went to the Great Movie Ride. It has like 30 different movie scenes inside it! Even I see dead ppl, and Alien. Your car gets jacked from the driver, and taken by a gangster. You go through some of the movies, and there is a little surprise for him.

      After that it was about 10. So, we headed down Sunset Boulevard, and went to Rockin Roller Coaster. I was lucky enough to get the front. Plus, the normal queue was like forty min., but we still rode again. The launch wasnt all that good.

      Next, we did Tower of Terror. It was so fast! It actually pulls you down!The themeing was excellent.

      Then, we did Star Tours. It was your typical simulator, but star warsy.

      FInally, we ate at the 50s place,and was like 100 bucks for 4 ppl, and onion rings! The crowds got so bad, that we just left.

      pt. 3 and AK MondaY!

      • Quil

        Trust me JaMeS, if you haven`t ridden mission Space yet, ride it soon.

      • Tom

        I haven't ridden Mission Space yet, but, so far, I think space mountain is my favorite.

  6. JaMeS

    Pt. 3!!!!

    So we sarted our day walking from the… (omni)

    to mcdonalds. Afterwards we were walking back and I asked why don't we just go to animal kingdom today. They all agreed. So, we walked back and went to ak. It was so empty except for everest. By everest, you had to change you're walkin path, and by the tree, you had at least 10 yards of space. So on to everest. It was alot like apollos chariot and almost any mine train (the good ones). The waiting line was decorated amazing but I couldn't appreciate as well as others because I just wanted to get on. So, we walked thru and we were on in about 10 min with a forty min wait. When in the station, we were like woah! Because they got a new train in, loaded, buckeled and out in about 30 seconds. When we got on, I was in the 15th row, and was almost as good as apollo. When going backwards, it feels like you are going upside down. So afterthat, we all wentto bugs life. In two words crappy movie. Didn't even make sense. After that, we went to dino land. We ride dinosaur for the first time, and I don't recomend it for anyone under 7. The primevil whirl was a classic spinning mouse. Then we went to the rapids. The drop on it was like 30 feet! And it's one of those round oneS, not a log. For our last ride of the day,, we went to the safari. Average safari ride. Still good though. Then we went back o the hotel and went swimming.

    Reviews l8r!

    • Quil

      Maybe to someone who dosen't go everywere riding coasters, but RnR isn't even originaly tracked. It's a very well themed clone, not much else. If you want a Launch coaster, they're everywere, but you can't say the same for a ride like Everest.

      • Frog

        Expedition Everest all the way!!!!! I haven't been to Disney World but I will this summer and can't wait to ride it!

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