Top 3 Disney Roller Coasters

Top 3 Disney Roller Coasters
Disney’s not known for its roller coasters. Disney theme parks are more centered around the atmosphere, theming, and the whole “Disney experience.” They’re packed with flat rides, kiddie rides, family attractions, shows, but they’re not so well-known for their roller coasters. At least not among hardcore enthusiasts. This is why I write very little about Disney news and won’t be visiting a park until my daughter is old enough to enjoy one.

No disrespect to Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and their many clones but, this week I’ll be counting down the best roller coasters (for enthusiasts) that Mickey has to offer.

3 – Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney MGM Studios
Maybe the developers of the new Hard Rock Park rode Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and saw something they could capitalize on. R’n’R is an indoor launch coaster that boasts five audio scores synchronized to the ride and played through a 32,000 watt audio system with over 900 speakers . To see the layout of the track check out this image of Xpress at Walibi World, according to RCDB its identical.

2 – California Screamin’ at Disney’s California Adventures
California Screamin’ is a steel launch coaster that looks like a pretty unique ride. It’s got a circuit that’s the second longest in the U.S. (after Millennium Force), a launch, a loop, covered hills, and its designed to look like a wooden coaster. Its 46th on Mitch’s Coaster poll and it looks like a lot of fun. Check out this onride video of California Screamin’.

1 – Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom
With a $100 million dollar price tag Expedition Everest was one of the most anticipated roller coasters to debut last year. I have to give Disney props for E.E., not only is it heavy on theming with a 200-plus foot massive mountain, but it’s got an innovative design that features a mid-course switch track and reverse section. There’s also several encounters with a yeti.

Check out this onride coaster video of Expedition Everest:

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