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The first coaster I ride on my trip to Cedar Point will make my 100th new coaster. Here are the contenders:

“The Historical Favorite” Magnum XL-200
When Arrow built the Magnum in 1989, Cedar Point had set a world record by breaking the 200 foot barrier for the first time. Other than being a record-breaking coaster the Magnum has been a favorite of enthusiasts for years. It offers a daunting drop next right next to Lake Erie, impressive speed (72 mph), three tunnels, and some airtime hills. Lastly, Magnun XL-200 sparked a trend creating a new type of coaster as well as the “Coaster Arms Race of the 90’s” of what park or country could build the tallest coaster in the world.

“The Critic’s Favorite” Millennium Force
Built in 2000 this 310 feet tall steel monster is still one of the highest rated roller coasters in the world. In 2005 it won the Golden Ticket Award for the Best Steel Coaster. It’s got a high-tech faster than normal cable lift system instead of the old slow chain lifts. Next an 80 degree, 300 foot drop, and then insane speeds of 93 mph over about 6,000 more feet of track. To help put 300 feet in perspective, that’s taller than the Statue of Liberty and the Capitol Building.

“The Scream For Mommy Favorite” Top Thrill Dragster
Top Thrill Dragster, currently the second tallest coaster in the world (420 feet tall!), has got to be one scary experience. It’s a short ride. With ride time shorter than 30 seconds, but it’s an intense 0-120 mph in 4 seconds, 42-stories high, kind of short ride. As Simon Cowell would say, Top Thrill Dragster has “The Wow Factor”. When it debuted in 2003, Cedar Point set another world record and set the bar once again.

What will I chose? I’ve got about 10 days to figure that out.

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